Alsint a serial entrepreneur

Pierre Alsint, photo courtesy Alsint

From the moment he stepped on Florida A&M University’s campus, Pierre Alsint has been working to support his family and himself.

He’s known as a serial entrepreneur, someone who continuously comes up with new business ideas. So far, Alsint, a second-year business administration student from Tampa, has started two business ventures at FAMU.

Alsint is one out of 31 kids between his mom and dad.

“Family means a lot to me and having a big family like mine just shows how much support I have behind all of my ideas and plans.This drives me to work hard and set the example for my brothers and sisters to follow, ” Alsint said.

“Growing up Haitian was definitely different compared to my American peers but it built me to who I am today. I love and embrace my culture. I take every chance that I get to express that to others. My mother has taught me a lot about what it takes to be Haitian and caring down our traditions to the next generation. From the food, music and the language,” he said.

“My motivation to becoming a business owner is my family and the School of Business & Industry,” Alsint said.

Alsint’s journey to FAMU was rocky. He started as an Access Summer Bridge student during summer 2018.

“I made it through that program and became a part of FAMU 22. The best class on The Hill,” Alsint said.

His first business venture started summer 2019” PJ’s Moving Service and Cleaning Service.

“This business was started so that I could take advantage of the growing market and demand for cleaning services in dorms and apartments. I and Jon Giles started the company in order to capitalize on that growing market,” Alsint said.

Alsint’s next business venture was with his classmate Bryan Squires. “We finally sat down and laid out the foundation to B.P. Fitness,” said Alsint.

At B.P. Fitness, “We don’t  work out, we out-work,” Alsint said.

He and Squires came together and are now co-founding an online business, B.P. Fitness was founded on Dec. 20.

B.P. Fitness is Bryan-Pierre Fitness with the double meaning of Better Performance Fitness.

“Working out is vital for all of us in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Also, fitness helps with mental health and this is a leading issue in our community. We want to give back to our community and peers by educating and instructing people on how to be fit. Our motto Bryan and I live by ‘We don’t workout, we out work’ derives from our endless efforts to become the best versions of ourselves,” Alsint said.

Squires said: “We both have a driving passion for physical fitness. So, to be able to get up and do what we love is a feeling beyond compare. In addition to that, we are passionate about uplifting and helping our community to get fit and out work every day.”

Chris Keith, a customer, sings the praises of BP. Fitness. “The business has helped me by providing clarity, motivation, and comfort as I progress through my fitness journey. I believe B.P. Fitness realizes that fitness is more than just reaching goals and that it is a lifestyle. Through BP fitness I was also able to realize that. Now instead of visioning working out and becoming fit as a struggle, I am embracing the journey and the lifestyle for the years to come.”

Alsint already has his sights set on future endeavors.

“After graduating from FAMU I want to take my pre-owned businesses and put them to the test. Soon for B.P Fitness I wanted to get a facility so that we can train our clients in an controlled environment and for the moving and cleaning services I wanted to get trucks to get things started. This is just a small start to carry my career in becoming a serial entrepreneur,” he said.

You can find B.P Fitness on Instagram @ B.P Fitness, Twitter @bpfitness_ and YouTube @B.P Fitness.