Fighting negativity while quarantined

Photo courtesy South Morning China Post

This past month has been possibly the hardest stretch for students and people around the world to handle. With self-quarantining amid the spread of COVID-19, people seem to have hit a wall with things to entertain themselves with while at home.

Everyone has a way of coping when it comes to stressful circumstances, and it’s best to find things to help you stay positive as you persevere during hard times.

There are multiple ways to stay entertained safely during this pandemic.

It’s important to stay in contact with family and friends. It will help you stay positive; it is a way of feeling connected to the world, and with the help of the internet, people won’t feel so alone while in self-quarantine.

As for students with classes online and other responsibilities that are affected by the coronavirus, it’s easy to lose motivation and experience a lack of productivity.

Courtney Spry, a student at Florida A&M from Miami, talked about how the virus is affecting her and how powerful the mind can be during the pandemic.

“This quarantine is definitely affecting me in more ways than I imagined, with classes only online and trying to study while being back home. It’s extremely hard to stay motivated to finish classes and even register for future semesters,” Spry said. “One thing I noticed after being home for so long is that your mindset literally controls your day, and if you maintain a positive mindset, you’re also maintaining a positive attitude.”

During this time, students can find things to do while at home, whether it’s honing your crafts and talents or learning a new language. There are countless ways for students to find to work their brains.

In your spare time you can start writing poetry, contacting people to get things off your chest, or even watch something you avoided watching like “Dexter” or reminisce over childhood shows.

Jasmine Moses, a student and Tampa native, talked about her way of staying positive.

“I realized after being home for so long is that if there isn’t much to do, then you need to use your time wisely and focus on things to better yourself,” Moses said.

Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, being in quarantine can be hard, so it’s essential to mimic as much of your life and activities that you did before the pandemic.

When you wake up, take a shower and get ready like you usually would, put on a fresh pair of clothes, and start the day with something new.
All in all, keeping busy and finding ways to use your time wisely is a great way to fight negativity.