Public eagerly awaits stimulus checks

The IRS is expected to send out stimulus payments. Photo from MGNonline

The novel coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the way we live and may have changed the world for generations to come.

Many households and business are suffering due to the financial effects of the coronavirus. Many have lost their job and they no longer have a steady income. However, bills are still due and will not disappear.

Over the past few days, the Trump administration and lawmakers signed off on legislation to give many American households direct cash relief amid the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.

On Friday, President Trump signed into law a historic stimulus package for $2 trillion. This package stands as the largest emergency aid package in U.S. history.

The purpose of the stimulus is to provide financial assistant to those who may have lost their primary source of income and encourage consumers to spend money in an effort to stave off a depression.

Some people have not lost their primary source of income, while others are left with nothing.

“I haven’t lost my job completely, but my hours have been cut. I definitely feel the struggle of those who may have lost their job(s) so I try not to complain so much. To know that we are expecting help from the government shows that they care a little. However, I don’t think a one-time payment will cover the needs of everyone,” said Florida state worker Antanese Rivers.

According to CNN, Americans could expect checks from the historic $2 trillion stimulus bill to be direct deposited in their accounts within three weeks, but experts said it was too early to determined how long it might take to receive money.

Under the stimulus, individuals will receive up to $1,200 and couples will receive up to $2,400-plus $500 per child as a one-time payment.

Doris Hooks, a retired healthcare worker in Tallahassee, said, “My husband and I are both retired and both at-risk for the coronavirus. This scares us because we still have needs and we do have to get out and get what we may need while trying not to get infected. I won’t say we desperately need the money that’s being offered, but we do know that some relatives of ours do. We are very thankful of the stimulus money and hope to see it help others in need greatly,” she said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the bill “as mitigation” for the pandemic’s destruction, predicting Congress will draft more plans to aid in “recovery.”

With the U.S. having more than 140,000 coronavirus cases, the most in the world, and at least 1,380 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University, no one knows how long the outbreak will continue.

“I really hope the stimulus checks serve its purpose. If I could help others in need, I would. When this pandemic blows over, I hope that individuals can get their jobs back and get back to a steady income,” said Red Robin restaurant staff worker Jaylyn Daniels.

According to CNN, it is not clear what exact day the stimulus checks will go out or when they will be received, but it would likely take weeks before any American can see a payment.