Ways to stay safe during Spring Break

This isn’t a typical Spring Break.  Photo by Jayla Swinson

Spring Break is finally here, and each year students travel to different places for a fun, weeklong vacation.

However, this year is not a typical year, not with the coronavirus now a global pandemic. Earlier this week President Trump declared a national emergency.

Keeping that in mind, here are some ways to insure you’re safe during Spring Break.

Do not travel alone; make sure there are at least two other people with you.

When with a group no one is left behind; stay in that big group and don’t veer off.

Lencie Sejour, talks about how she prepared to be safe during the break.

“We are each other’s responsibility no matter what happens. Real friends don’t leave each other behind,” Sejour said.

Things can get crazy during this time, especially in Miami with the beach and the nightlife. Miami isn’t the only place, though. Going out of the country can be very dangerous as well.

Timia Howard, a student at FAMU, has plans to go to Miami with a few friends for Spring Break.

“Miami is already crazy and it’s only the second week of spring break, me and my friends plan to stay close and avoid any problems,” Howard said.

This Spring Break there’s an even bigger problem. The outbreak of the coronavirus has stopped many students from traveling.

“At first we planned a trip to Jamaica but with the virus going around it had to be canceled,” Howard said.

The coronavirus is a big issue right now but students still plan to have a great time during Spring Break.

Kyra Newby said her plans were changed due to the virus.

“My plans were unfortunately canceled due to the fact that the virus is airborne and is contagious. I will be right here in Tallahassee for the break now,” Newby said.

Even though the virus has stopped many people from vacationing, some are taking advantage of the cheap flights and cruises.

Prices have dropped due to the low traveling rates and many cancellations throughout the U.S.

Before getting comfortable in your hotels or Airbnb’s, use Lysol or another learning product and wipe down everything in the room or house where you’re staying.

Everyone should also know what the plan is that day. Once you leave the house everyone leaves the house.

“We come together, we leave together,” Newby said.