SGA: Major events in limbo because of coronavirus

Photo by Michael Moore

Florida A&M’s Student Senate held its final meeting before spring break on Monday.

Elections and Appointments chairwoman Carrington Whigham encouraged the entire gallery to participate in early voting and explained the importance of early voting.

Voting is important because there is so much history of African-Americans being denied the right to vote,” Whigham said. There are people who gave their lives so we could access the ballot.”

A voting precinct is available on campus in the H. Manning Efferson Student Union. The voting precinct is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will remain on campus until March 15.

The Senate president, Christopher Miller, alerted the gallery of possible cancellations due to the coronavirus.

Spring preview, Be Out day, organizationsnew member presentations, and the spring football game are all may be canceled, he said.

FloridaGov. Ron Desantis declared a state of emergency Monday due to the virus. DeSantis asked for funding to help fight the spread of the virus.

The Student Senate also helped student organizations in Mondays meeting with funding.

Rattler Aquatics was allocated funds for repairs in the pool, chemicals, and a pool tarp. The pool has been closed because the water heater is broken and swimming is prohibited until the water reaches 70 degrees. Junior senator William Walter sponsored the bill, and believed it was important, to pass the bill.

The pool is in dire need of repairs to the pool tarp, water heater, and leaking faucets,” said Walter. ”I think it is important to fund Rattler Aquatics to keep the pool operating as they provide swim lessons, CPR certification, and other great things to the FAMU community.”

The Omega Xi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity was allocated funds to put on an entrepreneur event.

The Food Science Club and Presidential Ambassadors also received special allocations from the Student Senate.

Corrie Watt was a strong advocate of the Food Science Club receiving funding after hearing the concerns of FAMU being in a food desert.

This is what led me to wanting to do the referendums. I spoke to the DOACS and asked them what steps can we as senators take into making the food pantry bigger and better,” said Watt.

With the allocated funds, the Food Science Club will partner with health services to improve and expand the food pantry on campus.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:26 p.m.