A probate and a proposal

Thai Nyugen proposes to high school sweetheart, Nidia Alvarez, during his own probate. Photo courtesy Alvarez’s Instagram

Sunday’s probate for Florida A&M’s Alpha Xi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi included a once-in-a-lifetime romantic moment.

Thai Nguyen, one of the chapter’s 35 new members, dedicated this celebratory moment to Nidia Alvarez. During the latter stages of the probate, as new members demasked themselves for their public reveal, Nguyen smoothly picked out his girlfriend from the large crowd of more than 250 in Gaither gym. Once found, he proceeded to take one knee as he presented a ring to propose to Alvarez.

Yes, she said. And she’s now his fiancé.

When asked to describe the moment she was proposed to, Alvarez described it as “ethereal. That is exactly the word I would use. Too perfect for this world.”

“In high school he joined Kappa League and was one of the smoothest guys in the school. It meant the world to him. I skipped as a junior and instead became a senior and he ended up asking me to be his escort for their beautillion and that’s when I understood why Kappa League and Kappa Alpha Psi meant so much to him,” she added. “I have never met more perfect and put together men that strive so heart for greatness and success. That probate is something he was waiting a very long time for, him mixing that moment with me was ethereal, girls always doubt how much their man loves them and after that moment I have no doubts whatsoever. It was over whelming and he executed it perfectly.”

Nguyen said he had been planning that moment for some time.

“The moment when I proposed was so mind boggling and seemed so unreal. On one side you had a dream come true, a promise to the girl of your dreams to forever be your partner. Then on the other side I had 35 line brothers and 100 plus big brothers supporting and cheering me on. Not to mention the insane amount of people that came to the probate. It was like a story from a book,” Nguyen said.

They are both Tallahassee natives.  Nguyen is a second year business administration student at FAMU. Alvarez is a student at Tallahassee Community College. They have been dating since high school.

“I met him when I was 14 as a freshman at Amos P. Godby High School, I walked into third period, which was geometry and he was the cutest guy putting a sweater on because his spot was right under the vents, he immediately saw me and I panicked and sat down and rolled my eyes because I used to have the mentality that cute and popular guys were ‘no bueno.’ The next day, he sat in my seat to get my attention and I gave him a little attitude and he smiled and moved,” Alvarez said. “Every day for the next nine weeks he would not leave me alone, even throwing good paper away in the bin because it was in front of me.”

“He didn’t give up and for about three years, he stayed my best friend always hinting he wanted me and, one day, I finally caved in. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect human being. He is my soulmate and best friend all in one,” Alvarez added.

Nguyen was waiting for the perfect time to propose. “I have had the idea to propose to her for months, but I had no clue of when to do it. Maybe Valentines day, but that’s very basic, maybe on her birthday, but with a mixture of how beautiful she was going to look at my probate show and how the surprise factor will hit her, I knew that, that would be the perfect moment,” Nguyen said.

Following the probate, the exciting moment went viral on social media as the video quickly spread. HBCU Buzz, a popular Instagram account with over 200,000 followers, posted the video after seeing it on Rattlers United’s Instagram with 33,000 followers.

“It caught me by surprise because I heard rumors that it may happen, but in the moment, the energy of the room changed. I congratulate my neo and wish them nothing but the best,” said Shelson Jeangilles, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi.

This is just the time of the year where organizations creatively showcase their newest members. Check out the moment everyone has been talking about here:



As for the newly engaged couple, they have plans to get married within the next year.