Fiasco definitely not a fiasco

FIASCO clothing company. Photo Submitted by Javier Reboyras

Javier Reboyras is working up a storm.

Reboyras, a third-year architecture major at Florida A&M, is a student by day and an entrepreneur between classes and at night. He created his apparel brand, Fiasco, not only to make a name for himself, but also to let others know that nothing is impossible.

“I wanted to turn a bad name into a good one. If you look up the word “fiasco,” you would read how it is defined as a failure or total disaster,” he said. “It states how it is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way.

“But every failure is a lesson learned. You can’t let failure stop you from succeeding. The brand Fiasco serves as motivation for those who are driven for success. Behind every picture-perfect lifestyle, there is a beautiful disaster,” he added.

His support system started in Fort Lauderdale, his hometown, where his main customers were family and close friends who saw his vision and did whatever they could to support him. From there, Reboyras stepped out on faith and expanded his brand in Tallahassee.

He was so confident in his work, he left his original job at Bed Bath & Beyond to become a student entrepreneur.

“The biggest sacrifice I made to start my brand was letting go of my job. Knowing I would have no source of income if things didn’t work out was also a major issue. I tend to have a lot of pride and putting my pride aside to ask for support from strangers was uncomfortable. But, to be successful we have to do things that we are not used to doing to succeed in life,” he said.

A first-year architecture student, Cedrick Camper, is a co-partner in the growing business.

“My cousin, Javier and I possess a very close bond. We have been around each other for literally our whole lives. If you were to see us walking around campus with each other you may mistake him as my blood brother. We wanted to bring something different on the campus of FAMU. A unique brand that stands for something beyond the logo,” he said.

At times, being a student entrepreneur may be difficult but Reboyras seems to be managing. He balances his time by creating a work schedule, making a priority list and getting ahead whenever he can.

Third-year Business administration student and close friend, Medan McCants, admires Reboyras’ hard work and dedication.

“I have seen Javier put in so much time in creating and organizing his brand before it was even publicized. To see his brand expanding day by day, is inspiring because a lot of students wouldn’t have taken the risk that he did. As students, we are comfortable with being comfortable. No one is willing to step outside of the box and start from square one,” he said.

Reboyras encourages students to follow their dreams and do things they are passionate about despite the lack of support.

“To all the student entrepreneurs, stay driven and learn from your mistakes rather than just give up. Do your research, ask others who may be further along than you are, and whenever you come up with new ideas make sure you write them down,” he said.

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