Black creatives deserve their credit

Photo by Deja Boyd

Black creatives have been robbed of their gifts, talents, and blessings since the beginning of time. Everything you see today has stemmed from black creatives, but it is reduced and shown to the world in a “watered-down”, stale, or overindulged version.

Non-black people love to try to ‘command + C’ black people’s stuff. It is Black History Month and it is time for a “history” lesson.

Thomas Edison, a profound “inventor” in America, is considered one of America’s leading innovators and businessmen. He was most credited for his advancements contributed during the Industrial Revolution.

Unfortunately, most of Edison’s inventions were actually invented by the slaves he owned. Since a lot of black slaves did not have freedom or the rights to patent inventions at the time, Edison took their inventions and patented them as his own.

According to, “Lewis Latimer was a premier black inventor who workedwith some of America’s most well-known inventors, including Thomas Edison. His work helped make the electric lights possible both in private homes and in public, and this transformed the way Americans lived and worked at that time.”

Fast forward to today, black creatives, such as the originator of the viral ‘Renegade’ phenomenon, Jalaiah Harmon, have been ripped off.

Sadly, Harmon never received the immediate credit that she deserved. Non-black dancers were trending on social media performing a reduced version of her dance.None of them even mentioned where they originally saw the dance. While many TikTok users went viral off ‘The Renegade’, Charli D’Amelio achieved the greatest fame performing Harmon’s dance and was invited out to celebrity events such as the NBA All-Star Game at the Chicago United Center to perform the dance.

According to, “After a New York Times feature revealed Harmon an innovator behind the viral trend, public figures are demanding that Harmon receive the credit she’s due – including Charli D’Amelio.”

Why should D’Amelio receive credit? She is simply another suburban white girl who is infatuated enough to publicly emulate a talented black creative without giving the proper credit.

Fortunately, the carbon copy is never better than the original.

In the world of fashion trends, the Kardashians are known culture appropriators. In 2016, Kim Kardashian-West rocked cornrows that she claimed were called “Bo Derek braids.” Non-black people, primarily fans of “Kim K”, referred to them as “Kim K boxer braids.” People were in awe of basic cornrows as if Kim was the original creator, but Black people have been wearing cornrows since the beginning of civilization.

Non-black people are obsessed with our culture but intimidated by the melanin in our skin.

Twitter user (@chacharumbajive) tweeted:“For the thousandth time, what we’re mad at is that when Kim K or any other white woman, for that matter, wears styles such as these…they get praised all the way around for it. But when black women do it… we get told that it’s unprofessional, or that we look unkept. Or that we’re a distraction. Not to mention the fact that they don’t even consider giving credit where credit is due… It’s honestly a triple slap in the face…”

We are drained from our authentic creativity being used without ever receiving the appropriate recognition. We are tired of seeing black culture be exploited by non-Black people while we are being ridiculed for the very thing they love to copy.

It has been multiple accounts of black creatives not receiving their credit. On behalf of the black culture, we simply had enough of the cultural appropriation. Black creatives deserve their credit and they deserve it now.