FAMU offers Flex Bucks opportunities

The Rattler Card office, open on a regular business day in operation. Photo by A-Chai’a Jackson

FAMU students have a chance to receive an additional $100 in Flex Bucks to be added to their accounts.

The university has informed students via email and social media from Business and Auxiliary Services to sign up for a limited-time offer that ends March 30.

To qualify students must adhere to eligibility requirements such as good financial standing with the university (student account balance less than $500), meal plan account balance must be paid in full, and students must be a participant in the current meal plan program.

The communications coordinator for Business Auxiliary Services, Pamela Moore, said this is an opportunity students need to be aware of.

 “Business & Auxiliary Services plays a significant role in administering opportunities such as the Venom 100 Flex Add-On to our students. However, the Rattler card office, which is part of Business and Auxiliary Services, is the direct contact for students for services such as the Rattler card, meal plans, Flex Bucks, Rattler bucks and banking,” she said.

“We are constantly gathering feedback and information from our students in order to remain relevant in meeting their growing needs. So, whether it’s participation in one of our challenges, or participating in a survey about our services, we make it our business to take every opportunity to engage our students and offer prizes and incentives for their involvement,” Moore added.

The inside of the Rattler Card office. Photo by A-Chai’a Jackson

If a student would like to sign up, he or she can do so by showing up to the Rattler Card Office on a walk-in only basis. They will then be assigned by the staff, a flex add-on, which will be deposited to their account in a reasonable fashion.

These funds are disbursed to students to spend on campus dining options such as, Chick Fil’A, Presidential dinning-hall, Chopping Block, Wing Stop, Tropical Café, Pizza Express and Starbucks to name few.

Marching 100 member Christian Miley, a second-year accounting student, believes Flex Bucks are helpful.

“Flex Bucks come in handy for me on a daily. As a member in the Marching 100, I often have practice that ends after the top caf closes,” he said. “I have to then rely on my Flex Bucks in order to purchase some food options in the bottom caf. I have heard of the 100 Venom Flex Add-On opportunity. I think this opportunity benefits students a lot, especially people who do not have a lot of flex to begin with,” Miley said.

Kalen Wilkerson, a fourth-year architecture student from Acworth, GA, shared his perspective. “I love the idea of possibly being granted an extra $100 in Flex Bucks,” he said. “The additional flex would definitely serve to be very beneficial to me,” Wilkerson said.