FAMU missing in action during Tech Day at the Capitol

L3 HARRIS Technology’s thermal and night vision optics devices. Photo by Chris Bryant

The second annual Tech Day at the Capitol, organized by the Florida Technology Council (FTC) and sponsored by L3 HARRIS Technologies, took place last Wednesday. Many technology organizations and schools were there.

The CEO of the FTC, James Taylor, asked, Why isnt FAMU here?”

Taylor thought it reasonable that Florida A&M University would be at Tech Day at the Capitol because FAMUs Chief Information Security Officer, Clifford Stokes, is on FTCs advisory board.

Stokes did not respond to an email asking why he was not at the event.

Were looking for industry leaders that want to make a difference in the state of Florida,” Taylor said. Folks that are looking to make Florida better, safer, faster, more efficient for the state itself and state government or for the people that live in that state.”

Taylor elaborated on who the FTC looks for to help lead technological innovation in Florida including colleges, universities, startups and even large corporations like Google and Microsoft.

Attendees could network with technology companies from all over the state as well as legislators and Capitol staff. Young students on field trips perused the exhibits.

FSU College of Communication and Information, and TCCs Division of Business, Industry and Technology had tables set up at the event.

The companies on hand included Veritas, an international data management company, Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corp., CDW-G, KPMG, and Microsoft.

The Florida Technology Council is a statewide 501(c)(6) organization and the only association focused solely on Floridas technology sector.

Council members work toward furthering the advancement of technology in Florida through leadership, education, legislation, and social action,” the councils about page said.

L3 HARRIS Technologies is a global aerospace and defense technology producer and provider. It has sponsored Tech Day at the Capitol for the past two years. L3 HARRIS is a member of the FTC.

Porsche’s new Taycan Turbo S. Photo by Chris Bryant

Cyber security technology, the newest electric vehicles by Porsche and Tesla, the newest in VR technologies, medical supply drones, and military grade thermal and night vision rifle-mounted scopes were some of the technologies showcased.

Porsches Taycan Turbo S sat between the Historic Capitol building and the new Capitol among many other innovative fuel efficient and electric vehicles (EV) — most notably Teslas new Model X.

Porsche entered the arena with the Taycan to rival Teslas Model S as the fastest EV. The Taycan Turbo S goes 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and has 700 horsepower. The Taycan starts at $185,000 and was recently purchased by Bill Gates to Elon Musks disappointment.

Organizers said this was the biggest turn out for the event thus far.