Stewart, 23, quit Morehouse and is now a millionaire

Joshua Stewart. Photo courtesy Ibrahim Traore

Joshua Stewart, better known as “J. Stew,” may seem like the typical 23-year-old. However, there are more layers to this guy than what meets the eye.

Accumulating over $1.2 million a year — yes, more than $1 million in income —  Stewart is making more money now as an investor in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market than he would have had he finished his senior year as an engineering student at Morehouse College and started utilizing his degree.

During his junior year at the college, Stewart along with about five of his friends were introduced to the idea of making money from their phones, a concept that seems simple to the common millennial, but is complex.

Trading in the FOREX market is the action of buying and/or selling currency pairs in hopes of making a profit. This process is swayed by a variety of influences such as weather, gas prices, politics, and several other scenarios.

In the course of Stewart’s matriculation, the founders came across a medium called iMarkets Live that not only teaches people about what trading is and how to be successful in it, but also gives residual weekly pay when they recognize a customer as a business partner.

“It wasn’t difficult for me to manage being a student with leisurely activities and become a co-founder of a business because I knew at the end of the day that I had to be successful,” he said.

 When speaking on his success, Stewart said that although he’s helped transform lives by introducing this opportunity to people, he believes that his life has been changed the most, saying that “the level of growth that I’ve witnessed in myself is tremendous.”

Austin Adams, a third-year business administration student at Florida A&M and an avid investor himself, got the chance to meet and hang out with Stewart on a few occasions after joining the FOREX bandwagon in the summer of 2019.

“It’s cool to know another black man who’s only a couple years older than me become so successful,” he said, “it’s an inspiration to know that at the end of all of my hard work, success is possible before I’m too old to enjoy it.”

Stewart, like most business owners, has a pretty busy daily schedule, but he makes it a point to reach out to those he’s mentored, along with showing his appreciation to God when he wakes up, exercises most days, and even makes time for naps. His advice to everyone is to, “Do things that other people aren’t doing, so that you can go places that other people aren’t going.”