Millenial and Zoomer voter registration is essential

Daniel Londono, photo courtesy Londono

The 2020 Presidential election season is in full swing. As riled up as students have gotten, voter registration is at an all-time low among the younger generations, and that needs to change.

When candidates such as Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders began taking the stage, offering the chance for radical change in our country, it very quickly found support from younger people and gained momentum.

For the first time in several years, there’s been a distinct feeling of optimism and hope for the future of this country. But that passion won’t go anywhere if no one actually plays their part in making things a reality.

According to the Florida Department of State, around 75% of the eligible population voted in the 2016 presidential election. That’s a whole quarter of the state, around 5 million people, who let their voice go unheard. Those numbers need to drastically change if there is any hope of things being different come November.

Even more pertinent is the Generation Z or “Zoomers.” For them and most of the nearly 70,000 college students in Tallahassee, this will be their first-ever opportunity to vote in a presidential election.

The simple fact here is that if you feel a looming responsibility over your head due to the upcoming election, that’s good. You should. Few people our age are content with the current system, but that’s exactly why we have to try and do something about it.

Raging online and complaining in private blows off steam but ultimately accomplishes nothing, because your complaints hold only a fraction of the weight your vote does. It’s five minutes out of your day to register and be eligible to have a say in the direction of this country for the next four years and beyond.

Complacency is all that is needed for evil and corruption to thrive, and by not acting, you are helping this system continue as is. For some, this will be their first opportunity to take part in the democratic process, and they absolutely should feel ashamed if they decide not to take advantage of it.

If nothing else can convince you, think of it purely as self-preservation, because by voting you are doing a small part in at the very least preventing things from getting worse. But if we do nothing it will get worse, until the damage is irreparable.

Issues like climate change, immigration policies and the crushing national student debt impact all of us. These are real problems that directly affect our lives regardless of who you support, So get registered, so you can play your part in doing something about it.

Voter registration for the state of Florida ends this Tuesday. You can register at