Students set to revamp FAMU’s Real Estate and Leadership Club

The club’s logo was created by Rachel Edouard

Club R.E.A.L, also known as the Real Estate and Leadership club, was founded in February of 2011 by Florida A&M University student Adam Ramgeet. FAMU was the first HBCU to ever have a real estate club.

This school year students have banded together to revamp the real estate and leadership club to get the same traction it had back when it was founded.

“We wanted to revamp the club because more people are getting involved in real estate, we want to educate students on the reality of what real estate really is and its many opportunities for financial gain, and to teach entrepreneurship on campus,” said Vice President, Andrew Lewis IV.

Club R.E.A.L’s purpose is to mold students into becoming leaders and teach them about the real estate business and the financial opportunities that it can bring.

Andrew Lewis IV (left) is the vice president of Club R.E.A.L and Rachel Edouard (right) is the Director of Marketing. Photo courtesy Club R.E.A.L.

“We want students to know that they can do anything that they put their minds to,” said Director of Marketing, Rachel Edouard. “Real estate club is like a family. When you join we will look out for you. There are great opportunities to network and to receive internships and scholarships.”

Their goal is to mainly help students unlock their potential and gain knowledge on the growing field of real estate.

“I feel that the revamp of the real estate club is something extremely positive,” said business student, Jhana Harvey. “It provides students with multiple avenues to success. I find it important that Club R.E.A.L not only focuses on real estate, but leadership as well because that sets them apart from other clubs on campus.”

They are currently working on bringing in different speakers who work in the real estate business to let students learn about the industry. They will also host social and leadership events.

Their other goals for the school year include increasing their following on Instagram.

“We want to stand out from other organizations pages and create quality content. We want more students to join Club R.E.A.L and to spread real estate across the campus,” said Edouard.

Their ultimate goal is to have students make their decision to come to FAMU based off of the impact of Club R.E.A.L. They are interested in establishing real estate and entrepreneurship as a major on campus.

“We are striving to be the best real estate club among all colleges,” Lewis said “If you’re interested in controlling your life and helping your loved ones you need to come out and join the real estate club.”