Student working on second novel

Picture of Kendrick Scar. Photo by Javell Davis.

The pain he has endured throughout his life uncovered the creative mind hidden behind a broken heart.  Kendrick Scar, a 21-year-old author from Kissimmee, utilized his trials and tribulations to his advantage to publish his first novel, “Counting Daze,” at age 20. 

Counting Daze” is a dystopian thriller filled with suspense and psychological perspectives of another society. In the small city of Drury Hill, a group of friends in their senior year are forced to put their lives on hold after the memory of the city is completely wiped out.

Writing has always been a passion for Scar. Inspirations from his childhood sparked his fire as he began to write countlessly after many unforeseen events in his life. 

Scar values his family more than anything. While attending Florida A&M University, Scar’s challenges led him to leave school in 2018 as his biological father became very ill. To make matters worse, his grandmother started chemotherapy for cancer. 

“I just felt more comfortable being home taking care of the family and really getting myself together because school was weighing heavy on me because my stress at home. I had to find a balance between the two,” Scar said. 

Scar used his sorrow as motivation to formulate and perfect his craft as a writer. He never let his love for writing get lost in a world of difficulties. 

Scar completed and published his first novel with Amazon within six months. Completing his first book was an immense accomplishment for him. 

Gianni Perez, Scar’s 21-year-old cousin, was impressed with his growth as an individual considering everything he has been through. Perez described Scar as “optimistic, strong and creative.” 

“Since I’ve known Kendrick, I’ve seen his confidence grow as an individual and role model. He is open minded and the easiest person to talk to,” Perez said. 

Devastation struck Scar as he was hit with another tragedy when his stepfather passed in September of 2019. He knew he had to stay strong and continue to strive for greatness. Completing his second novel is one of the goals Scar aims to accomplish. 

“I have been putting so much time into this one and I truly know that it is going to make a statement. Not to just the people I’m close to but the audience I am looking forward to meeting,” Scar said. 

Joshua Saturne, a biology pre-medicine student at FAMU, has been watching Scar grow as an individual since he met him in 2017. 

“His leadership skills impacted 25 students through instructing unity, self-respect and discipline. He has a kind heart and always wants everyone around him to be successful,” Saturne said. 

Scar is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in radiologic technology at Tallahassee Community College. When he isn’t studying for school, he is working on his second novel. Scar is also directing a full production on promoting his book with performances by the Melodic Stepping Experience and Voices Poetry Group. 

To stay updated on Scar’s upcoming book release and production,  follow @dazecounting on Instagram. “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery,”  Scar said.