For Dominic Green, the beat goes on

Dominic Green and Louisiana rapper, Lil Boosie pictured together. Photo courtesy Green

Dominic Green, born and raised in Jacksonville, is a senior majoring in music industry. He started playing for the Marching 100 in Fall 2015, and recently completed his four-year term.

For someone to be as musically inclined as Green, and serve in the incomparable band for a full four-year term, one would think that this was a passion — but it was not. Green said he never had any intention of joining his high school band, let alone the one at FAMU.

After deceitfully claiming that he was able to play the guitar as a hobby during a high school get-to-know-you assignment, someone suggested that he should join the band at Raines High School. Eventually, he discovered that he was able to play the saxophone, which took him about a year to become decent with.
Even after mastering the saxophone, he still had his mind made up that he would not join the band in college.

“My band director was like, ‘Boy if you don’t take your behind to FAMU and join the band!,’ and I was just like ‘All right’”.
Green said that creating beats was not something that he always did either. It started during the summer before his sophomore year in college at age 18 when he woke up and had the urge to make a beat.

This is when his music producing began. Green worked construction with his father and was able to buy his music equipment.

He was able to sell his first beat to a [stranger] on Twitter for $25. Green gives his props to social media as he attests that it is the reason he got to the position that he is in right now when it comes to getting his work out into the world.

One day while going to class, Green found the in-house engineer of Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie on Twitter and took the initiative to send a few of his beats.

In 2017, Green logged onto the Facebook live of the rapper’s engineer and heard his beat in the background, and as of 2019 he began traveling to Atlanta to conduct business.

When he arrived at Boosie’s mansion for the first time, Green said a bond was formed.

“He always heard my tag on my beats. Imagine someone recording on your music for two years. When he finally found out that it was me who produced all of these songs for him, he was like, ‘You Dominic Green?’ I told him that I was and that man gave me the biggest hug, like I just got out of jail, I swear,” Green said.

Green contacted the rapper through FaceTime and any stranger could see that the two had a goofy, established relationship with one another as they cracked jokes on each other.

“I feel like Dominic Green one of the top producers in the game right now. He got real music, he the [truth],” said Boosie after being asked about his experience with Green as a producer.

Green has worked with other artists like NBA YoungBoy, Quando Rondo, and Kamillion. After graduation, he says that he would prefer to return home to live in Jacksonville, and just travel to his places of work.

“When you start producing, don’t try to be like anyone else. Be different because when you’re being different, it may seem like no one wants to work with you because that’s not what’s popular, but what you gonna do when you become the next hottest thing? You can say that you are the [trendsetter] of that,” Green said.