Some residents wary of new TPD advisory council

Courtesy of Tallahassee police department Instagram

After just one month on the job, Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell has already made strides to start checking things off of his to-do list.

Revell announced in January the creation of a Citizens Advisory Council. The purpose of the council is to enhance the relationship between the community and the Tallahassee Police Department.

Revell made it clear in the announcement that is one of the main priorities in his new position. In a release put out by the City of Tallahassee, the council is described to be in place to “enhance communication flow between the community and TPD.”

“Many crimes happen in the view of people, but there is a real fear in coming forward with information. We have to make our community feel safe in coming forward. When we all work together, we will see a huge reduction in crime,” Revell said in the announcement.
Though the council is being formed to help protect Tallahassee residents, some people are skeptical when it comes to improving relations between TPD and the community — especially on Tallahassee’s south side.

“I just think that there could be a better way to bridge the gap between police and the community. Having random people report to police what they may have seen or heard isn’t the best option in my opinion,” south side resident Shina Hall said.

However, not everyone feels that it is a bad idea.

“I think that this is a great idea. This gives the opportunity for residents and the police to build a relationship of trust and help reduce crime in the area,” south side resident Karen Peoples said.

According to, there were a total of 73 shootings in Leon County during 2019 leaving 54 injured and 19 dead.

“Together, the Citizens Advisory Committee and TPD will identify and focus on public safety issues and collaborate with community organizations, community leaders and key stakeholders to develop solutions to multifaceted community concerns,” the City of Tallahassee statement said.

To apply to serve on TPD’s advisory council, visit and submit your information and a resume.