Not all students are fans of athletics’ new digital tickets

Photo sent out via FAMU email by Office of Student Financial Services.

Now you can skip the long lines at FAMU athletic games and save time.

If you are an actively enrolled FAMU student, all you have to do is download your free mobile ticket by logging in to your iStrike account manager using your FAMU email address and password.

The steps are easy to complete to access a mobile ticket. First, you have to log into your account manager and reset your password. Second, select manage tickets from the dashboard. Finally, download your ticket and add it to your Apple wallet or Google pay app before game day.

But that doesn’t mean this new app is popular with all students. D’Shay Pressley, a senior social work student from Tallahassee, is not pleased with the digital tickets.

“The digital tickets do not save time but it increases the wait time because the digital scanners do not always work. When I first found out about them, I thought it would be a quick process to enter the games. Sometimes the scanners do not recognize the tickets and students are told to step to the side. The Wi-Fi connection around AL Lawson is another problem that prohibits the tickets from pulling up on our phones. I appreciate the athletic department trying to find ways to solve problems but it can be frustrating when new initiatives don’t work,” she said.

Students can no longer use their Rattler cards to access tickets. Everyone must reset their password before downloading a ticket.

Jaelyn Falana, a third-year health leisure and fitness studies student from Clearwater, shared her opinion.

“If FAMU athletics thinks this will continue to work, they need to figure something out. The digital tickets are not as effective as they seem. I attend the basketball games regularly, and every time I download the tickets I normally have a problem. It would be nice if the tickets allowed us to ‘scan and go,’ but that is not the case,” she said.

Zharia Thornton, a senior business administration student from Miami, thinks the digital tickets are a great idea.

“I love the digital ticket idea. Everyone is always complaining about the scanners not working, but when we had to swipe our Rattler cards, those didn’t always work as well. As a student, one thing that we are going to always have on us is our cellphones. It is very beneficial to the student body, and it is very easy. Although the digital tickets need some quick changes, it is better than using our Rattler cards,” she said.

The Office of Student Financial Services sent out a student guide to downloading tickets promptly via FAMU email to all enrolled students. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the FAMU Box Office