FAMU Student Senate fills important roles for student elections

Senate meeting
Photo by Calvin Robbins Jr.

Two key positions for Florida A&M University’s 2020 elections were filled during Monday’s student senate meeting. 

Third-year economics student, Johnathon McCloud, was appointed to solicitor general for the student government association. McCloud plans to be a voice for the students at FAMU.

“I do hope and plan to viably help the student body to not only represent them but to also educate them to their rights on campus and off,” said McCloud. “I plan to properly be a voice for all student organization officials and any student body member who needs to know more or needs proper representation.”

McCloud was unanimously chosen by the Senate members after his ten-minute interview, comfortably answering every question the members threw at him. Senate member, Corey Watt, says that McCloud is more than capable of handling this job.

“Johnathon’s been ready,” said Watt. “He’s more than ready and he’s well equipped to serve in this capacity.”

Kayla Bronson was appointed to Precinct Supervisor for the senate. Bronson went through the same process as McCloud in order to be chosen showing poise in front of the members of the senate. Bronson’s peers are confident in her abilities.

“She deserves the position she was appointed to. I sat through her interview. She was well equipped, and we approved her. That’s why she was on the floor here today,” said Watt “I know that Ms. Bronson will ensure her job duties and make sure that elections are going as smooth as possible.” 

These job fulfilments were one of the main causes for the meeting being held. With FAMU elections being pushed back to April, the appointment of McCloud and Bronson will help the elections flow fluently. 

Johnathon McCloud at the podium during the Student Senate Meeting
Photo by Calvin Robbins Jr.

Student Senate President, Christopher Miller, says that these job positions were greatly needed.

“Both of them are very important for elections seeing that if both were not in place, we would not be able to have elections,” said Miller. “With elections being pushed back, the student body is going to feel some type of way. These new appointments will make their jobs easier during the election.” 

Also, Bronson and McCloud will help the electoral commissioner by attending events in her absence.

 “The electoral commissioner needs between five to eight people to help run the collection, so these people are those who will sit at the precinct and help when the commissioner cannot be there,” said Miller. 

Election day will be on April 7. Bronson and McCloud will have to work diligently for FAMU to have a great turn out on election day.