The Loose ’N Jam show

Dj Jam and Dj Loosekid
photo by Jayla Swinson

DJ Jam and DJ Loosekid have been in Tallahassee for years, since they attended and got their degrees at FAMU.

The South Florida natives started off DJing separately, but once Jam came to FAMU they decided to team up in August of 2015. 

“I love bringing a feeling of happiness over individuals outside of the normal day issues,” Loosekid said. 

They soon came up with the Loose ’N Jam show around April of 2016.  They also work for 105.3-FM “the beat,” where they have a take over show at 5 p.m. every day. 

“We have been DJ-ing since high school. Just had a God given gift to make a crowd of people forget about their problems and have a good time,” Jam said. 

Both men declined to provide their legal names for this story, and they also did not want to say how much they earn performing at FAMU events.

Things get challenging sometimes when they’re trying to balance work and traveling. Staying on top of the events they have and making sure they can make it to everything can be a lot for them. 

They work so many events and go to so many different places it can be draining at times, both men said.  “You may not get sleep sometimes because you’ll have a show or event to do, then right after you have to jump on the road to go do another one,” Jam said. 

DJing has been a career path for many people.  “DJing started off as a hobby and soon became a passion of mine,” Loosekid said.

DJ Eddie Lee is an up and coming DJ who looks up to Jam and Loosekid.  “Loose and Jam have always been a positive influence for me while on the campus of Florida A&M, whether they were DJing solely or being the role models that they are,” Lee, whose legal name is Eddie Lee Ravenel, Jr., said.

They have grown not only on the turntables but in life as well. 

“Their success is unmatched, so to have access to their knowledge is an honor, but what I value more is the brotherhood that continues to grow. No matter what they always have and always will be family to me,” Lee said. 

The Loose ’N Jam show has brought them the exposure they needed to go far.  Loosekid has been working with the rapper Plies for two years now, traveling and doing shows with him.  He has gone to many places and events, including the BET Awards. 

Many organizations on campus reach out to them for mixes and shows.