New state of the art hotel near Cascade Park

New state of the art hotel still construction
Photo by Kaela Moore

Cascade Park is becoming more aesthetically pleasing for the city of Tallahassee with a brand new state of the art developments. An AC Hotel by Marriott is set to debut late 2020 or 2021. 

Hotels are essential to college life during 4 main seasons: Move-in Day, Homecoming, Move-Out day, and graduation. For prospective college students it’s in the perfect location near Florida State University and Florida A&M University, but also enough space for parent and student separation.

The $158 million 5-acre project is expected to be a lavish stay, catered towards millennials. It is expressed as a lifestyle hotel with new amenities and stylish interior decoration.

In addition to the AC Hotel, the infrastructure will be multipurpose with a parking deck, retail shops, and rental venues. The recreational supervisor in charge of the special events division, Mario Palmentiere, expressed how this modern idea was compared to other major cities such as Chicago and made a beneficial impact on the community.

“I believe it’s a different change of landscape but will be a great addition to the community,” said Palmentiere. Across from the multipurpose plaza, Palmentiere also revealed there will be housing built across the street.

Palmentiere believes this will bring more use from visitors and locals to the park because it will host new and exciting amenities. He also believes the new rental venues will be one of the best in town and could bring a lot of musical and business attraction. 

With beautiful views looking over cascade parks the new hotel is a great location of comfort and style for parents and family to stay to enjoy a taste of Tallahassee. Aside from students, visitors will get a unique feel for the park and downtown Tallahassee from this location. 

With additional retail attraction and more parking, Ivy Johnson expresses this could potentially make Cascade park a new hang out hub for college students. 

“I think this will be beneficial for students because it’s within walking and scooter distance from the surrounding schools. Students love to hang out and eat out on weekends so this would make an ideal spot for younger audiences,” said Johnson.

Centered within Cascade park the New AC Hotel and Multipurpose plaza sit in a hub of entertainment. Within a 3 minute walk from the construction site sits The Power Plant Cafe and the Edison Restaurant. There is also a nice amphitheater that sits between the New Hotel and Restaurants. 

The Power Plant Cafe more specifically is kind of hidden under the Edison Restaurant so it may not always get attention from frequent walkers in the park. Kaitlyn Neidermier, a barista at The Power Plant Cafe, hopes to see a boom in their business from the development exposure.

“I think it will be very beneficial to our business because people come in all the time asking us what this building will be and what they are going to have over there,” said Niedermier.

Be on the lookout for more information on the new AC Hotel and entertain attractions debuting in late 2020 or 2021.