Shoppers sorry to see Lucky’s Market closing

The store is currently offering a 50% discount on any item left in the store. Catch it while you can. Photo by Sierra Sirju

Lucky’s Market on West Tennessee Street is closing its doors on Feb. 12, as well as most of its other Florida stores. Only one out of 21 stores in Florida will remain open.

Some Tallahassee residents are disappointed that the organic grocery store is closing after four years.

“The reason it’s closing down is probably because so many of these other stores are opening up and stealing all of their business, maybe. Now where am I supposed to shop? Those other places?” said Antanese Rivers, a local shopper.

The supermarket has been serving the Tallahassee community since 2016 and is known for offering discounted organic goods, meat, seafood, beverages and prepared meals. It has a wide variety of health products and daily necessities, all at a cheaper price than its primary competitors.

The store is uniquely organized and always sharing undeniable deals, which is what some college students living in the community appreciate the most.

“I consider myself to eat pretty healthy while still staying in my budget. So when I started shopping at Lucky’s, I was blown away about the store’s low prices for

A shelf that was swept clean in Luckys super market. Shoppers had already bought all of the merchandise. Photo by Sirju

all of these organic items,” said Dayna Grice, a student at Tallahassee Community College.

Company officials announced the news two weeks ago that stores will be shut down and employees will lose their jobs, according to a report in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The manager of the Tallahassee store declined to be interviewed.

Jason Rief, Lucky’s regional store director, told the Sun-Sentinel, “Displaced employees will receive severance pay.”

Grice said she feels bad for the workers at Lucky’s Market. “It’s not fair that all of those people have to lose their jobs,” said Grice. “They are always so friendly and ready to help me out when I’m in the store shopping.”

The shelves are usually filled with some of the cheapest organic goods in town. But now they are now swept clean as shoppers take advantage of the close-out deals. The store is offering everything left at 50 percent off.