Beyoncé done it again! A marketing genius.

The queen of surprise drops and classic collaborations. Courtesy of Ivy

Strategic marketing was an integral part of Beyoncé’s quest for world domination.

It all started with a press release that announced the iconic Adidas x Ivy Park partnership back in April 2019. The release highlighted the mutual respect that both brands had for one another. They both focused on the themes of creativity, freedom, community and inclusion.

This notable entrance into the marketplace demanded respect. It also shined a light on the secret ingredient to Beyoncé’s marketing approach, storytelling.

Eight months later, Beyoncé graced the cover of Elle Magazine where she teased photos of the upcoming collection for Jan. 18 and got personal in a ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview. Touching on the topics of self-love, self-care and self-worth.

Photographed while modeling her latest collaboration with Adidas in the local grocery store, laundromat, wig shop and hair salon, caused fans to go crazy. Suggesting that she too, come from humble beginnings.

After noticing that the male audience gravitated towards Ivy Park, Beyoncé decided to make Ivy Park gender-neutral and altered the colors and styles. The statement colors of burgundy, cream and orange served as a game-changer. In addition, including four pairs of footwear to the line for the first time since the birth of Ivy Park in 2016, called in all the sneakerheads.

According to, Beyoncé is the youngest woman, and only African American to own 100% of an athleisure brand. After buying out Top Shop owner and billionaire Phillip Green in Nov. 2018. This distinction added to the hype of the overall launch.

The Adidas x Ivy Park union honors the core principles of women empowerment, collaboration and women in leadership. Leading up to the launch, this was reflected in the A-List celebrities to whom Beyoncé sent the massive orange rollout PR boxes.

Artists such as Cardi B, Kelly Rowland and Megan Thee Stallion, actresses and activists Yara Shahidi and Laverne Cox, Mother Tina Knowles, talk show host Ellen-DeGeneres and publicist Yvette Noel-Schure.

All these stars have huge followings on social media and in real life. Each celebrity unboxed and tried on their hand-picked pieces for their followers and showed their authentic reaction. Which caused a media blitz with not only the Beehive but new admirers.

With all social media platforms buzzing with commentary, the question raised on, “Why are rich people being sent the entire collection of Adidas x Ivy Park?” Fans thought that they should have the same opportunity to receive free clothes as these already wealthy stars.

Although this opinion holds some truth, and opens dialogue, it is an inconsiderate standpoint. This is a major step back into the marketplace for Beyoncé and Ivy Park.

The relaunch was her way of reintroducing her brand back to the world.

By adding the A-List celebrities into her marketing strategy, helped with brand recognition and awareness. Keep in mind, these celebrities also have large fan bases across the world, more places to attend than the average person and their social media platforms remain public.

These public figures can help influence individuals that at first, weren’t interested.

Ellen DeGeneres had Youtuber Kalen Allen to review the new collection on her show. He unboxed it, used trendy catch phrases like “Boom Bam Diggity” and mentioned how some pieces would make the LGBTQIA community go wild during PRIDE.

Yara Shahidi talked about the unboxing experience on Good Morning America. This opened additional avenues for Beyoncé, allowing her to capitalize on paid, owned and earned media.

A day before the launch, Beyoncé uploaded IGTV commercial videos and grid style photos of herself modeling her collection on Instagram. Which showed her fans how to dress the pieces up or down. With the caption “adidas x Ivy Park E-comm takeover.” On Saturday, Jan 18., within a few hours, the collection was sold out.

Beyoncé is a creator, innovator and advocate for Black Excellence. She creates a cultural experience through her content and collaborations.

She encourages future generations to do the same through music, fashion and media. With such a successful launch, you can only wonder what Bey is up to next. As well as what groundbreaking marketing strategy she has yet to unleash.