Bible study unites some students

FAMU Impact Campus Ministry assembles together to administer, receive and apply spiritual knowledge. Photo taken by A-Chai’a Jackson

Bible study can lead to intimate conversations as a person shares, administers and receives spiritual knowledge.

That was the case for many on Thursday when Impact Campus Ministry held a group session at 6:30 p.m. at the Efferson Student Union-Embassy Room. It provided space for students to discuss losing focus, losing sight, and possibly losing faith.

The session was filled with serious conversation, love, good vibes and laughter, as the participants assembled in a circle to listen to personal experiences.

Participants were encouraged to speak life into a situation. In doing so, Impact facilitator and pastor of New Life United Methodist Church, Latricia Scriven, was a voice of reason.

“I wanted to create an environment where students can experience community, and a way they can be authentic and transparent to bring all of their questions and concerns to the table and to ultimately engage in scripture through their real-life experiences, traditions and reasons,” she said.

Students tapped into a presence of God to sit for a while in meditation to think about anything that comes to mind concerning reflection, prayer and emotional thoughts. After taking a moment to process their thoughts, group participants acknowledged their flaws and habits that they would like to change.

“Discernment is sharpened by time spent with God without distractions,” Scriven said.

Students were encouraged to release toxic energy to ultimately protect their heart, mind, body and spirit. This led to a conversation about venting problems, being open to receive community, low self-esteem and other topics.

“Our mission statement is: we are Impact, we are here to inspire, motivate, prepare and conscientiously, transform the FAMU campus and the community. So, that’s what we try to do here in our Bible studies and everything that we do in our community service opportunities,” said Impact Campus Ministry president Tamra G. Fitzgerald, a math education and chemistry education double major from nearby Quincy.

“I would encourage someone to come out for the Impact ministry because I gained an experience of how to grow my faith in God and that helps a lot trying to get through college, especially since it’s my first semester here. It just helps a lot to see like-minded people all striving for the same thing. You really feel like you have somebody you can lean on and I feel like anybody in the group I just met is willing to help me if I need something,” said Rebekah Hill, a food science major from Bartow.