Proof is more than a brewery

Proof added a restaurant when it opened its new location a year ago. Photo by Paulette Jordan

Proof Brewery specializes in beer. The brewery is known for its award-winning craft ales and stouts, but it also has great food.

The best ways to describe Proof are peaceful, friendly and fun. The atmosphere was family friendly. I even saw a couple bring their child with them.

Before you walk in there’s a sign listing rules to abide by before you go inside. There’s also an employee checking for ID and giving out wristbands to adults so they are allowed to purchase alcohol. They definitely have a goal of being calm, considering all the signs.

The inside of the building – which Proof opened almost exactly a year ago after starting in Railroad Square Art Park — is beautiful with long tables. It looks like an artsy, well-decorated garage.  In the corner there are game tables for customers to use. The bar area has a polished and metallic appearance. Outside there is a patio area with tables where customers can eat and drink. Right next to the patio is where food is served. There is also a huge “backyard” area outside with chairs for guests to sit in and a game area on the side (just like on the inside).

Customers are also welcomed to bring their dogs as long as they stay in the “backyard” area. There was a consistent artistic and industrial theme throughout Proof.

The food menu had items that were reasonably priced. My order came out to only $8. The fries and hot dog that I had were delicious. I had a smile on my face after I took the first bite. It was definitely worth what I paid for.

The drink menu had a great variety of alcoholic beverages. There was obviously a long list of beers but there were also other choices for people who typically don’t drink beer. The menu consists of beer, cocktails, spirits, wine and even non-alcoholic drinks. I prefer drinking wine or sangria and was so happy to see that both were on the list.

Proof brings a crowd that consists of college students and middle-aged adults. The age range appeared to be 18-45. And, it’s conveniently located right next to FAMU and is within walking distance.

The customer service was great. Every time I had a question an employee was able to help and the food that I ordered did not take long to arrive. I felt welcomed during my time there. Overall, I would give a 5 out of 5.