Student organizations prepare to add members

An interest meeting that took place last week. Photo by Jayla Swinson

There are plenty of organizations on campus for students to get involved in. From dance, community service, mentors,Greek life, modeling, entertainment — FAMU has it all.

Felicia Barnes, coordinator of student organizations, encourages all students to join organizations on campus.

“The most beneficial aspects of getting involved on campus is that it offers you the chance to develop and build skills that you wouldn’t get to otherwise. Organizations can also give you the opportunity to develop hard skills you may or may not learn in class,” Barnes said.

The experiences and friendships you gain are the best part, she added. Students you previously didn’t know become family to you.

Genard Barr, a former Striker Dance Troupe member, said this organization helped him enter the real world.

“There are two great parts, the friendship and connections. There are many Strikers who have gone far in the entertainment business and with me having a theater degree it helps me with knowing my Striker brothers,” Barr said. “Many of my friends for life are part of the orgs that I joined and they have given me great memories.”

There are many opportunities that come with joining an organization as well. It can put you in the gate for jobs or things in the future depending on who you know or what you are a part of.

“These benefits include establishing a network of contacts in your chosen field to honing your communication, leadership, teamwork and self-management skills,” Barnes said.

Some people don’t join organizations because they don’t know what to expect from it, she added. It’s not like joining things in high school. They build you up in ways you couldn’t imagine, Barnes said.

Jessica Frater, member of FAMU Elite Dance Squad and NCNW on campus, said the organization’s she participated in became a significant part of her life.

“I thought it would be something that I did and just went home, but it’s actually more than that. I’ve put time, energy and sweat into my org,” Frater said. “I have learned things about myself I didn’t even know as far as building my character and stepping out of my comfort zone.”

Organizations take this week to prepare for intake by having interest meetings to let students know what to expect and what they have to do to join. You can follow many of these groups on social media to get more information on when their interest meetings will take place.