MLK’s legacy of activism

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dedication to activism is the reason we can all take today to celebrate his life and reflect on his legacy.

King not only dreamed but dedicated his life to a more diverse America, where everyone can enjoy the benefits of equality and freedom. While we may not be completely there, we are continuing the fight that King and his predecessors started.

I like to sit and think about how I benefit through King’s work. I currently work for a company that is extremely diverse. I have managers that are not only women, but also Black. I work alongside white males without fear of being harmed, yet more so with pride in my ability to do my job.

Florida A&M University is an amazing HBCU, where the classes are filled with students that look like me and students that are different. With different backgrounds, different cultures and different beliefs,we hold the same pride in our university.

As Black Americans we can dine, shop and go about freely in areas that our ancestors could only dream to venture. I’m allowed to have relationships and friendships with people that look nothing like me.

Without King’s activism, it’s safe to say that our lives wouldn’t be as easy as it is today. Though there is a lot more that needs to be done to further what he started, I’m proud to live in a generation where King’s work and efforts don’t go unnoticed.

We needed King and all the work he has done. We are still fighting to have ALL the benefits of equality, freedom and respect he worked towards. We’re still being judged by the color of our skin, rather than the content of our character.

To say the least, we still have a long way to go, but King gave us a seat at the table and added us to the conversation. We’re are in a better place where we can speak on the change that we want to see, as well as make the changes.

Though it’s not easy, King helped to make it easier. We can now voice our opinions as well as vote. I believe we’re in a place where King would be proud of the progress, yet he’d want us to keep fighting until we’ve all made it to the goal of equality for all.

I couldn’t imagine growing up before my time, where everything was so limited and segregated. I am appreciative of all of King’s hard work and dedication to activism. Without him, there are many things in my life that wouldn’t even be possible.

King’s legacy will forever be remembered and will forever live on.