Venom shuttle continues to vex some students

FAMU students waiting patiently for the Venom to arrive. Picture by A-Chai’a Jackson

The Venom shuttle is designed to support students at Florida A&M University. The Venom is a transport service that drops off and picks up students from around the campus and student off-campus living facilities such as Palmetto, North, South and Phase 111.

But some students believe the service could be greatly improved.

To remain informed about the shuttle, students are encouraged by the Student Government Association to use the FAMU Venom app. Student body president Rochard Moricette is a proponent of the app and its tracking technology.

“As student government, it is our job to ensure that our students have the proper tools to effectively go about their daily business on campus. Personally, I believe this new tracking system will be beneficial to students because they will not be inconvenienced throughout the semester,” he said.

Whether the Venom is a reliable resource is measured by the conveniences and inconveniences, as it pertains to what students experience. It is important for available resources like the tracking system to perform effectively to earn students’ trust as they tend to daily business-related ventures.

While some students say they are glad to have the Venom available, other students believe it isn’t working as well as it should. From delayed times to not enough Venom buses and limited seating, students have been voicing their concerns to bring about change.

What students had to say was certainly not in vain because some adjustments have been made. For instance, additional shuttles have been added to transport Rattlers around the campus throughout the week.

“It’s hard for me to say whether the Venom is a reliable resource. To me there are more negative than positive factors: there is limited seating, only one Venom runs on the weekends, and there is always a long wait. But I rather have transport instead of walking, so who am I to complain?” said Devin Watkins, an architecture student from Tampa.

“Of course, I have taken the Venom as a freshman – who hasn’t? When I did take the Venom as a freshman it was very inconsistent for me, so I would walk a lot of places I had to go. Having a car has definitely afforded me the privilege to get to class sooner and more comfortable than the Venom, but it also comes with having to pay maintenance for my car which tends to be expensive,” said, Paul X. Clemons, a graphic design student from West Palm Beach.