FSU holds free headshot event

Stephanie Vivirito checks in students for their free headshot. Photo by Caleesha Moore

A professional headshot that could typically cost $100 or more became free with a follow of two of three social media accounts and a yellow ticket.

Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information (CCI) held a free headshot event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Innovation Hub.

The event was open to everyone and was expected to provide headshots to at least 150 people.

Stephanie Vivirito, media specialist at CCI, believes professional development should be made available to those who want it.

“We really value the headshot event because, in our college, professional development is really important to us. We know it’s hard to get a professional headshot so providing them to students is really important to us,” Vivirito said.

The event happens once each semester.

Headshots can be of value to students looking to secure an internship or make connections through websites like Linked-In.

Kierra Hicks, a third-year information communications and technology major, is grateful that she gets professionalism without the price.

“I wanted this headshot for my Linked-In profile. I think it shows that I’m serious about finding a job or an internship. I came out, I got dressed and made sure I looked well to have that picture,” Hicks said.

Not only did the event provide headshots, it allowed students to add to their resume by potentially joining student organizations. Thirteen student organizations within CCI were able to have tables at the event.

Rhiannon Jacobson, a fourth-year information communications and technology student and outreach coordinator for CCI, appreciates that her school has these opportunities and had a hand in making sure student organizations were present.

“In a technology or STEM-related field, Linked-in is super important – especially having the first thing people see is a quality headshot. Most times you have to pay for them and that can be a burden on any student and offering our services of a free headshot can really go the extra mile,” Jacobson said.

She also understands that a headshot is only part of the battle. Jacobson urges students to stand apart from their competition.

“Make yourself stand out as a candidate. What are you involved in, how are you leading others, how are you better serving the community? Giving those opportunities to students is a key part in not only helping people grow as students but young professionals and leaders in the community,” Jacobson said.

The headshots will be available to all via the college’s Facebook page in a few days.