Pharmacy student eyes the lash business

The current header of The Lash Pharmacy, as well as the medicine vials that the lashes come in. Photo courtesy of

Alexia Gillis has launched a trending eyelash brand called The Lash Pharmacy while attending Florida A&M University.

The second-year Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate posted her lashes in prescription pharmacy vials on Twitter during the Christmas break. The post allowed her brand to go viral. 

In less than three months, she gained more than 50,000 followers on Instagram.  According to her page, her lashes are priced at $17.

Student Alexia Gillis showing off her lashes. Photo courtesy of Gillis

Gillis has implemented her passion for pharmacy and makeup throughout her brand.

“I purchased lots of makeup over the years and found myself purchasing several types of lashes, but could never find one that I loved,” the New Orleans native said. “So, I decided to do some research and find exactly what I was looking for.” 

Gillis’ lash brand unexpectedly skyrocketed on Instagram from multiple shares on Twitter. 

“I started off with about 20-26 followers, which was mostly just friends and family. As of today, I am at about 52,000 on my business Instagram. I think people genuinely want to see me win and for that I am grateful,” Gillis said.

Sophomore criminal justice student Morgan Head shared her thoughts after coming across Gillis’ lash brand.

“I think what makes it different is the packaging itself. She really made her business stand out by doing something that was not only eye-catching but cost-efficient,” Head said.

Customers have been raving on social media about how creative her lash brand is.

“I definitely expect to see more from her especially since she has a creative eye. I will be ordering from her soon,” Head added.

The growth from her lash brand has helped her network with photographers, YouTubers, and others. 

Jay Heart, a social media influencer did a review after receiving lashes from The Lash Pharmacy after seeing how much publicity the brand received. 

“The lashes came in the same packaging I saw on Twitter, also in a cute prescription bag. I have seen a lot of lash companies come and go, but I really do see potential in her brand. Influencer marketing is the key to success in the makeup industry these days no matter how big or small; these influencers can push your products to new audiences,” Heart said.

YouTube influencer Jay Hearts thumbnail from her review on The Lash Pharmacy. Photo courtesy of Jay Heart

Gillis plans to expand her brand and continue to network with others. She says her followers can expect much more from her soon.

“I am really overwhelmed by the support and I am open to working with others. You can expect luxurious, sustainable, quality products. You can also expect to see me launch my biggest idea in the near future, which has nothing to do with retail,” Gillis said.

To learn more, see @TheLashPharmacy to keep up with Gillis’ latest posts on her lash business.