Lizzo may have crossed a line

Lizzo at Lakers Vs. Warriors game Sunday evening. Photo by Ringo H.W. Chiu

The award-winning singer Lizzo’s latest outfit appearance Sunday night sent many Twitter users into overdrive.

The Video Music Award nominated artist is praised for her body-positivity and feel-good music. Her break-out song “Truth Hurts,” released in 2017, made her the longest reigning solo artist for a No. 1 song in The Billboard Top 100.

Lizzo’s undeniable confidence and unapologetic personality won over the hearts of America. Her songs touched issues such as self-love, break-ups and the single life. Furthermore,  the singer’s image is centered on self-embracement.

She also has become an advocate for plus-size women. Lizzo made music inclusive for women who are underrepresented. Throughout this decade, there wasn’t much representation for Black plus-size artists, especially in the hip hop and R&B communities. The last artists we’ve witnessed publicly love their voluptuousness were Jill Scott, Missy Elliot and Queen Latifah. Plus-size women had to wait over 20 years just to be recognized again.

Rightfully so, Lizzo bridged the uncomfortable gap between the media and plus-sized women.

In an interview with Glamour, Lizzo said her confidence is rooted in loving herself. She also told viewers it should be normal for her to be confident.

“I don’t like it when people think it’s hard for me to see myself as beautiful,” she told Glamour. “I don’t like it when people are shocked that I’m doing it.”

However, fans believe she may have taken her body-positivity too far after her latest appearance at the Lakers vs. Warriors game.

The bold singer has been praised for taking risks and shaming plus-size stereotypes. She performed full dance choreography at shows and posted sexy thirst traps on social media. Usually, her stunts were praised by fans, and helped support her platform.

The fans’ praise ceased on Sunday night, when Lizzo arrived at the Staples Center in LA in a backless dress revealing her thong and buttocks. A video was released of her walking through the stadium, while giving the world a quick outfit preview.

During halftime, the sky-cam pointed at Lizzo and she began to twerk, revealing all of her bottom to all of the fans in the arena.

Soon after, Lizzo became a trending topic.

Some fans were concerned about the inappropriateness. There were children at the game.

One account tweeted:

…being in a public place where theres families and kids with your WHOLE a** out is indecent.-@gregperkinss

Meanwhile, fans accused users who disapproved of the stunt as fat-phobics. They claimed the situation wouldn’t be frowned upon if she were skinny.

Just say that you hate fat women and stfu-… its clear that this isnt about modesty but instead your fat women hating…”-@YesikaStarr

Other users just didn’t appreciate seeing the whole controversy on their feed

Can yall get Lizzo booty of[f] my timeline [emoji] bruh plz– @slimxskye 

During the internet conversation, Lizzo dropped her music video to “Truth Hurts.” The release caused an even bigger argument. Users were convinced it was all a publicity stunt. Lizzo indeed forced people to question her credibility as a body-positivity advocate.