Gary already a veteran recording artist

Tajiah Gary has been recording since she was 10. Photo by Gary

Tajiah Gary is a musical prodigy. Gary fell in love with music, playing the piano and singing at a young age. At age 10, Gary recorded her first song with her sister, Teja Gowins, who is a producer. 

“Working with Tajiah when we were younger was an exciting and fun challenge,” Gowins said. “She wrote and still writes all of her music herself, and I can’t wait to see how far she will progress.”

Despite not having an opportunity to make music in her hometown of Atlanta, it did not hold back Gary’s passion for music. Writing songs, singing, and posting videos on social media are the ways she has demonstrated her love for music. 

Gary, 19, cites RiRi and Queen Bee as two musicians who have influenced her the most. Beyonce is the role model who influenced her passion for music, and Rihanna is the role model who showed her the balance between business and the music industry. 

“She gave me that jump into the business world, as well as music, and shown me that you can do both,” Gary said.

Gary, a student at Florida A&M,  has found the key to managing her Teas bathing suit line and BodiedByTajiah fitness plans along with her music. The bathing suit line launched when she was 16, and allowed her to purchase her first vehicle. After seeing the successes of being a young entrepreneur, Gary began to sell fitness bands to increase sweat during workouts and fitness plans.

At the age of 14, Gary had the opportunity to pursue her music career with an all-girl group called WeRCharm. After staying with the group for a year, she decided to become a solo artist. 

Since then, Gary has released two singles, and is currently working on a project. On Aug. 20, Gary released her single “Fine” on all streaming platforms. 

Gary’s current producer, Danny Hajj, has seen much growth in her since the release of the single. 

“Tajiah has improved on many levels since I first started working with her,” Hajj said. “I love to see her growth continue every time we work together. From the first record of hers ‘Fine’ that I produced, I knew she had a bright music career ahead of her.” 

Music has always been a part of her life, and she is thankful for the opportunities that music has given her. 

Music is not only a way of life for Gary, but the way she expresses herself through her quiet personality. 

“Through my music is how I express myself is for the people who don’t know me or may not understand me,” Gary said. 

Gary’s single, “Fine” is available for download on all streaming platforms