Flowers blooming before our eyes

Artist Zavian Flowers courtesy of IG:traplordvegeta

In the midst of upcoming young and vibrant rappers stands Zavian Flowers. And he’s a big deal, 6-foot-4 big to be exact. 

Flowers is a fourth year computer science student at Florida A&M University from Perry in neighboring Taylor County. He has a keen eye for fashion and a passion for music. 

“I’ve been doing music my entire life, but I actually started recording music in January of 2018,” said Flowers. 

And since he’s started, he doesn’t plan on stopping. Flowers’ success with his music has taken off almost overnight since the release of his first song titled, “A Lick

.” The song was a solo piece done by Flowers under his stage name “TLV,” short for Trap Lord Vegeta. 

“My journey as an artist has been moving kinda fast. When I dropped my first single it received so much support it was crazy to me,” Flowers said. “Next thing you know I’m doing shows, recording with signed artists, and talking to A&Rs.”

TLV’s performances have taken place at one of the biggest local clubs, Bajas, and the largest Homecoming party, FamexFest. 

FamexFest was a 2019 FAMU Homecoming concert and party mixed into one that featured big artists such as DaBaby, Nudy, Justin Combs, and Christian Combs thrown by a promotion group of FAMU students called DreamxTeam.

“Performing at FamexFest was a great experience. I definitely enjoyed the energy that the opportunity brought me. It was given to me simply because I’m plugged in with the right people,” said Flowers. 

TLV’s ability to draw attention and energy from fans is what he hopes will take him far enough to work with his idols. 

“YSL. Simple,” was his response when asked about his music and style inspiration.

YSL is an Atlanta-based record label founded by Atlanta’s most iconic rapper, Young Thug. The label features artists that Flowers models himself after such as Gunna, Lil Keed, and NBA Youngboy.

Zavian performing at FameFest

TLV has managed to keep a certain sound to his music that almost imitates the sounds of Thug, Gunna, and Lil Baby. 

“My biggest inspirations are artists like Young Thug, Kodak, Lil Keed, and Lil Gotit,” said Flowers. 

But, Trap Lord Vegeta’s persona used for his music and social media is far from the real Zavian Flowers. 

His music has gained support on FAMU’s campus from figures such as Miss FAMU herself, Kyra Freeman. 

“He’s really sweet in person so it’s kind of funny to see his character on Twitter,” said Freeman. 

“I know for a fact he’s gonna make it far because he knows how to present himself and separate it from his real life. I think that’s a major key when you’re allowing the public in your life.” 

On social media, Zavian is strictly TLV. His tweets give off star quality that only someone with fame could possess. 

“My social media, mainly Twitter, kinda portrays this unfriendly person that’s above everyone else,” said Flowers. “But people who actually know me know how genuine, goofy, and humble I am.”