Florida A&M food court offers special promotions for students

icture of Chopping Block employees and Wing Stop employees. Photo by Ferguson

Looking for ways to save money or your flex on food at the food court? Lucky for you, there are free and special promotions being offered to you by Florida A&M University Dining Services.

For the first time, students now have the opportunity to score major savings while buying food inside the food court at Florida A&M University.

Tropical Smoothie, Pizza Express, Wingstop, and Chopping Block are just some of the vendors featured inside the food court. In front of each vendor is a sign that states the special promotion that is being offered there.

Janelle Bellande & Justin Daniels posing with their smoothies they just bought. Photo by Ferguson

At Wingstop, if students purchase a five-count of wings, they receive a small fry for free. Buy one, get one half off! This is the promotion at Tropical Smoothie. These promotions are currently being offered from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will end on December 14.

As soon as 4 p.m. came around, students began to fill up the line at Tropical Smoothie Janelle Bellande (a freshman psychology student) and her friend Justin Daniels didn’t hesitate to take advantage of this special promotion. “The special made it very convenient for both of us to get a smoothie. Plus, it was for a cheaper price,” says Bellande.

Pizza Express has a two-slice and a drink special where students are receiving a discounted price. This discounted special runs all day of the operating hours.

Usually, around this time of the semester, many students are trying to save their money and flex as much as possible so that they have enough for the following semester.

Kenny Strong, retail manager of the food court, cares about the students and
understands why students are focused on saving their money.

“I wanted to give back to the kids that may not have a lot of money or may not have a lot of flex. I wanted to give them the opportunity for the rest of the semester to buy something that they like for a decent price,” says Strong.

Not only are students enjoying these promotions, but food court employees feel confident about the special promotions as well.

“I think it’s a really good thing for the university. We’ve been getting more customers. It’s an easier special to do,” says Taylor Harrington a Wingstop employee.

With such a great turnout, many students hope that this inspires other food locations on campus to do something similar.

Students are encouraged to contact Kenny Strong or any of the supervisors if they have any issues or questions when it comes to Florida A&M University Dining Services.