Review: Julio’s fails to live up to the hype

The chicken and shrimp tacos at Julio’s Food on the Move. Photo by Tychae Grays

Make no mistake. There are a whole lot of food trucks at Lake Ella every week for Food Truck Thursday.

The diversity is impressive, to be sure. This week I stopped at Julio’s Food on the Move because I had heard such good reviews about it from other people.

I was told it is delicious, that it has one of the best burgers in Tallahassee. Friends even said the empanadas and plantains were to die for.

I went to Julio’s and saw tacos were $3 each and thought that would be perfect because I can taste two different tacos for just six bucks. I got one chicken taco and one shrimp taco. When I went to the register to order my food I was given sub-par service. The lady greeted me with, “What do you want?” Not a “Hello” or “How are you doing?”

But once I greeted her, her attitude changed and she began to smile and interact with me a little.

The food arrived about five minutes later.  Both tacos were covered in lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and I had sour cream on the side. The food I got didn’t look anything like the picture. It didn’t look bad but it was not what I was expecting either.

It was lukewarm. I imagined hot meat, fresh off the grill and flavors that would have me back every Thursday. The shrimp taco wasn’t bad but it wasn’t worth the three dollars I spent on it either.

I could have made it at home better. It tasted as if they grilled it this morning with three kernels of salt and no pepper.

As for the chicken taco, I took one bite and threw the rest in the trash. It was terrible. Not only was it not seasoned, but it wasn’t hot either. The tacos tasted like the Americanized tacos that I make at home, minus the seasoning.

It is safe to say that I would not be back there again and wouldn’t suggest anyone else go there either for anything other than a canned soda. I wish I would have tried the other Hispanic places instead. I had very high hopes for this food truck after all of the reviews from other people. Instead, I was left hungry, out  $6 and disappointed. In the future, I will not go there again. I’m opposed to trying other food trucks, though.