By All Means, the Sharps will capture your dreams

Jamal Sharp (left), Jamari Sharp (right). Photo courtesy of By All Means Creations

They turned their passion into purpose. Jamal and Jamari Sharp, 22-year-old twins from Pensacola, have created a booming photography and videography business with clientele on three continents — Europe, Asia and North America.

By All Means Creations was started by Jamal, a senior public relations student at Florida A&M University, after he decided he wanted another source of income that would allow him to be creative.

“I wanted my name behind something,” he said. “It goes deeper than just photography.”

Jamal specializes in studio photography but enjoys his share of freelance work, whether it be graduation, birthday, engagement or maternity shoots. He said since starting the business he’s worn By All Means Creation’s merchandise every day to raise brand awareness. It seems to be working. Their first Instagram post was made in February and the page now has a following of nearly 600.

He admits it’s been challenging at times because his brother lives overseas. He said they are still able to work out the kinks, and grow their business.

“By all means, we’ll capture your dreams,” Sharp said as he remembered his entrepreneurial journey.

He plans to work in his area of expertise following graduation but would love to become a full-time content creator or entertainment photographer.

Though initially intrigued with idea of By All Means Creations, Jamari Sharp later hopped on board as the other half of the business. He’s served in the United States Air Force for nearly four years and is now stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
He thought the distance would be challenging, but soon realized the distance is what makes By All Means Creations different — it’s the reason for their wide variety of clientele.

“Everyone has something they want to get done by all means, or will do by all means,” Sharp said. “And the mission statement — without hesitation or doubt … it’s one in the same.”

He continued, “This experience as an entrepreneur thus far has been great. There’s definitely ups and downs and challenges you face but that’s really what makes you a better entrepreneur and business owner.”

Jamari Sharp has brought the vision of clients to life in Korea and Germany and has no intention of stopping. He wants By All Means Creations to be known globally, as does Jamal Sharp. The twins have a vision of their own that they’re actively bringing to fruition.

“The hardest part of doing anything you want to do is starting,” Jamal said. “If you have a passion and you go through with it, it’ll work out in your favor.”

Dustyn Floyd, a senior occupational therapy student at FAMU, has been thick as thieves with the twins since 2012. Floyd recalls the beginnings of By All Means Creations.

“When they started By All Means Creations, I was able to see their networking skills and ambitions come into play,” Floyd said. “I remember they just wanted to find a passion that was both profitable and something people would enjoy.”

He said he’s been a witness to the rapid growth of By All Means Creations and knows it’s only a matter of time before they’ll have more high-profile clients. By All Means Creations is more than just a photography and videography business, however. The twins hope to turn it into a multifaceted business in the next few years with the support of their family, friends, returning clients and future clients.

To keep up with the happenings of By All Means Creations or to book, find them @Byallmeanscreations on Instagram or email