Dance, dine at Food Truck Thursday

Julio’s is one of the most popular food trucks. Photo by India Rhodes

Food Truck Thursday is one of Tallahassee’s top events.

Every week an assortment of food trucks assemble, each with different fare. Whether you like Korean, Mexican or Puerto Rican food, this event is perfect for tasting different cuisines from around the world.

The event is held at Lake Ella every Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m. Usually there is a live band with a designated area for dancing and mingling.

Katie Haggerty is the owner of Quarter Moon, a boutique by Lake Ella that has been open for 30 years. Haggerty helps with booking different bands, promoting the event and sponsors the recycling bins throughout the park.

“All of the food is so good it is impossible to choose my favorite and there are always different trucks here so when it is such a wide selection I cannot pick one thing,” Haggerty said, “One of the places that are here tonight that I like is Julio’s [Food on the Move], if I had to pick my favorite thing for them it would have to be the empanadas.”

Kaylia Davila, an FSU alumna, has been coming to Food Truck Thursday for the past year. Live music and food create the perfect atmosphere for an enjoyable evening, she said.

“ I love coming here because of live bands. Whenever the Commentators come I have to be here because they are one of my favorite bands,” Davila said, “Also the food is always amazing, my favorite place to eat is Julio’s because they have such a huge selection of food to try and I love any type of Hispanic food. I would say my favorite food from there is the plantains. It’s a huge serving and it’s so light and fluffy.”

From the food to the live bands, people love coming to this event every week. Karl Sinsurin, a fourth-year political science student at Florida A&M, came for the first time a few weeks ago and has been coming every Thursday since.

Sinsurin said, “I came just to grab something to eat but I fell in love with the environment. Usually, when it is warmer I go and dance with the people. This is my new favorite thing to do because it is always a good vibe here and there are a ton of people for me to meet.”

If anyone is ever looking for a fun night on a Thursday, Food Truck Thursday is an option. It is open to the public and it is always a good time.