Pierre’s photography business taking off

The man behind the lens. Ernest Pierre, owner of ttsenre. Photo by Malik Alrahim of Power Circle Visuals Pro

Ernest Pierre, a recent graduate of Florida A&M University, is a well-known photographer in the Tallahassee area.

Pierre earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology from FAMU last year.  Since then, he has been working as an assistant manager and loan consultant for a financial program.

That is just to pay the bills.  His true love is content creating.  Pierre specializes in beauty, graduation, and creative photoshoots; but he can execute any job or task thrown his way.

“Ern is so awesome. He did my graduation photoshoot and they [the photos] came out amazing,” said a graduating senior at FAMU.  “I actually got his information from my friend who said he brought her vision to life in a studio shoot.”

Pierre started his photography business in February 2018. His portfolio would make you think he has been doing it for longer.

It all started when Pierre began to take photos for his friends using an iPhone.  He would get in touch with his artistic side every time, hitting different angles, catching details and even laying on the ground to catch the right photo.  He has a knack for capturing details.  He started his photography business with the name, TTSENRE.

A FAMU graduate posing white Pierre captures her photo. Photo by Ernest Pierre

This name is unique and meaningful to Pierre. Literally, it is Ernest spelled backward with an extra T.  The additional T makes the symbol “TT,” which resembles the Gemini sign.  Being a Gemini, Pierre believes there is always two sides to a story, hence the two Ts.  This name and brand are symbolic for Pierre and goes deep in his roots; he even has a tattoo of it.

“This is not any business name, it is me,” said Pierre.  “A favorite quote of mine by rapper Jay Z is, ‘I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.’  I felt that in my heart,” he said.

Pierre’s goal is to eventually own his own creative studio space and open multiple studios across the United States for young artists who started out just like he did.  Pierre is big on grinding to make something out of nothing, but also helping out when he can.

Pierre plans on utilizing his degree as well; his goal is to work toward reform in his community and around the world.  Programs such as FEMA and Peace Corp motivates him. He said he wants to better the community.  This includes starting a non-profit organization for young artists in at-risk communities.

“I believe our community needs more role models,” Pierre said.  “Our community is our future, so it’s important to educate the youth and create a positive impact.”

Pierre and his business TTSENRE are open to new clients, models, and business ventures.  He can be reached on Instagram at @ttsenre and his website www.ttsenre.com.