Goins brings Verdy to life

Verdell Goins showcasing his first launched shirt from Verdy. Photo courtesy Goins

Verdell Goins III is a third-year information technology student from Miami.

Goins first thought about becoming an entrepreneur a few years ago.

“When I would attend multiple sneaker conventions, I would see vendors selling their own merchandise. At that time, I knew that I wanted to be like them,” Goins said.

Although Goins was young at the time, he admired the people who went out of their way to make a name for themselves.

He decided that he was going to plan out a business, which he ended up starting a year later in March of 2019.

Goins’ best friend, Dmiya Smith, said she always knew he was a very driven person.

“When he first mentioned his business to me, I knew he was determined to make it happen,” Smith said. “He worked extremely hard to accomplish his goal and he did just that. I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

Smith and Goins have been best friends for seven years and the support of a best friend is a key factor for motivation.

“My business is a clothing brand. I plan to display a sense of versatility with my brand by venturing into streetwear, women’s wear, elegant wear and many more different types of clothing,” Goins said.

Verdy is the name Goins chose for his company. This name was chosen spontaneously since Verdy was a disliked childhood nickname.

The inspiration behind Goins’ business is that he never really owned anything.

“I’ve always been a quiet kid growing up and didn’t really look into business ventures,” Goins said. “But to have and own something that is mine is something I’ve always wanted to do and to watch your company grow is a beautiful thing.”

Goins said this forced him to step out of his comfort zone.

“Verdell has a true gift for designing clothes. It isn’t his marketing techniques or even the amount of people that he knows,” said D’Andre Bradley, one of Goins’ mentors.

“It is the designs and talent behind his work that is going to make him so successful, that is what gets him all these sales now,” Bradley added.

Verdy is blossoming into a popular company. Goins has released only three shirts so far and they have sold out quickly.

“Verdy is always sold out due to high demands of orders and I can’t seem to catch him when he is back in stock,” said Taylor Gent, a future customer.

“I have been working on more creative designs and I am so excited for what the future brings,” Goins said.

Goins is a full time STEM student. He spends most of his time studying and working and is able to dedicate only a small fraction of his time to his business.

“It is very hard for me to maintain my business being a full-time student,” he said.

Goins believes that staying consistent and dedicated to his business will result in success in the next 10 years. Verdy seems like it can become a well-known popular brand.

“I just have to remain humble and continue to put in the ground work,” Goins said.

Stay tuned to catch the next sale. You can ollow Goins’ business, @verdy.vetements, on Instagram.