Feel like throwing an ax? These two places make it easy

Hand-crafted, regulation targets at Tomahawk Chop/Tomahawk 51
Photo by Shavez Love

A new fad is taking over in Tallahassee: ax throwing. Tomahawk Chop and Tomahawk 51 are two new “knife throwing arenas” located in the heart of the city and within one mile of one another. Both are family-owned and operated.

The Bowen family owns Tomahawk Chop. It is located at 860 W. Eppes Drive in a large warehouse. Patrick and Melissa had the idea when visiting their daughter. 

“I was talking to my daughter and we were trying to think about something to do as a family,” Melissa said. “We all went back and forth for a while and out of nowhere she suggested we go up to Canada and throw axes and all I could think of was, ‘Girl, quit playing.’”

But the family took the short trip to try their hand at the sport and the rest was history. The couple hopes that Tomahawk Chop won’t just be a draw for students but local residents and families alike. 

Tomahawk 51 is located at 1416 W Tennessee St., a seemingly prime location. The Tetsworth family owns the business. They found the sport during a baby shower. They too, figured that Tallahassee needed a place to throw axes. 

“We didn’t want to be just another business that was only looking out for FSU students because we’re in Tallahassee and there’s two other great schools here that also deserve recognition,” Erika Tetsworth said. 

As far as being aware of their neighbors, “I think it’s really cool and really funny that we kind of popped up at the same time,” she said. “There’s no reason why we can’t work together.”

As for Tallahassee residents, they seem to welcome ax throwing. Brienden Wilson, a college student, weighed in on the potential of the activity. “I’ve honestly never heard of something like that before,” Wilson said.  “When school isn’t in there isn’t a whole lot to do so I could definitely see myself giving it a try.” A

As for Tallahassee embracing this new type of activity, “I’m surprised we finally got something like this. It’s hard to get people to do anything new because they’re used to the same thing.”

Melissa Bowen believes business is getting better. Things are starting to pick up,” she said. After being open for a couple of months, Tomahawk Chop has seen a slow but promising rise in business. “The word seems to be getting out a little more. More people are starting to come in more and see what we have to offer.” Tomahawk Chop also houses a pool table and games like corn hole. The Bowens have seen their share of non-throwing patrons. “We’ve had a guy in here for all of the home games so far. He just comes in here, drinks a beer or two and watches football and hangs out. Never throws a single ax.” 

Tomahawk Chop is open Monday through Friday with varying hours and Tomahawk Chop is open Thursday through Sunday at 5 p.m.