World’s biggest bounce house has officially landed in Tallahassee

Aria Silvia’Espinosa poses with an inflatable inside of main attraction. Photo by Vanessa Ferguson

The Big Bounce America made its Tallahassee debut this past weekend on Nov. 8. at Mahan Farm. 

Big Bounce America 2019 Tour brought its world’s largest bounce house, the featured attraction of the tour and its series of inflatables. In 2018, the attraction was named as the “World’s Biggest Bounce House” by the Guinness Book of World Records. 

The giant inflatable takes up more than 10,000 square feet of space and at its tallest point stands 37 feet tall. It includes live DJs, basketball hoops, slides, obstacle courses, mazes, confetti blasts, colorful ball pits, and bubbles.

According to the website, the dream was to “build a bounce house so awesome in scale and content that you and your friends would travel from far and wide to marvel at its awesomeness.”

They did just that.

Grahame Ferguson and Cameron Craig are faces behind The Big Bounce America.

“Basically we got the idea from these two guys from Scotland who got the idea at a festival they working that had a bounce house. When nobody was looking they would bounce around,” said Meghan Keogh, assistant event day manager.

Big Bounce America has grown tremendously in size and popularity. 

Photo by Vanessa Ferguson

“Voila, here we are! It’s definitely come a long way,” Keogh said. 

Assistant tour manager, Aria Silva Espinosa said there’s never a dull moment with the attraction.  Each attraction has its own theme and various activities that go along with it. 

“We have a 900-foot obstacle course called the Giant, this space-themed house called AirSpace, there’s a huge maze you can run through with 4 different entrances and exits”, said Espinosa.

People of all ages are welcome to bounce around. Child sessions and adult-only sessions were available as well. It’s suitable for every member of the family. 

“We do a session just for the little guys so they’re not in there with the bigger kids. So, they can play safely and get the full experience,” said Espinosa. 

The event is free for parents to attend with their children, but a ticket is required if parents want to enter any of the attractions. Kids ages 3 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian that paid. 

Florida A&M University and Florida State University students were in attendance as well on Saturday. Nadia Hughes who attends FAMU was spotted jumping around and having a good time.


“It’s pretty cool and there’s so much to do. It’s worth the price. I would very much come out to the event next year,” said Hughes.

If you missed out on the fun, there are still more stops on the Big Bounce America Tour. 

The world’s largest bounce house will be in Houston, Texas on Nov 15-17. Then the tour will head to Jacksonville, Fla. on Nov 15-17 and 22-24. This will be the last stop of the year. 

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