A Mighty debut album released

Zachary Mighty is making his mark in the music industry.
Photo courtesy Tim Webb

FAMU student, musician and producer Zachary Mighty finally released his highly anticipated album “222.” It’s a showcase for his producing skills and his passion for music.

Mighty, a fourth-year music industry major from Fort Lauderdale, has been working hard toward releasing his “222” album for more than a year. He chose the title “222” because he continued seeing the numbers 222 throughout his day. He knew that the numbers were of some significance in his life. 

“I researched what the numbers 222 meant, the numbers mean that doors are closing in your life but, new ones are opening. With this quote in mind, I remember that I have to continue to do what I am here to do, which is to graduate and succeed in the music industry,” Mighty said. 

Mighty has earned a lot of praise after releasing “222,” leaving social media in awe of his producing talents. “222” is an album with 17 intricately produced tracks, taking listeners on an extraordinary journey into the ears of the producer, Zach Mighty, and the talented artists who laid their lyrical talents on the tracks. 

Mighty found music when he was in the seventh grade at Parkway Middle School in South Florida. He credits his love for music to his mother, because attending that school allowed him to be in a different environment and find out who he really was.  

“If it wasn’t for my mom transferring me to that school, I wouldn’t be at this university. I would probably be a different person and most likely in a negative place in my life. Music saved me,” Mighty said.

Mighty’s childhood friend and artist on a few of his projects, Donovan Perry, said he is thrilled to witness Mighty’s success. “As a producer, Zach has definitely given me more confidence as an artist, and also seeing his persistency inspires me to go harder,” he said.

Some artists that Mighty dreams of working with include Rick Ross, Jeremiah, Metro Boomin, Timberland and 9th Wonder.

When Mighty first began attending FAMU, he entered the school with no expectations or plans. He then saw the need for help in developing Venomous Records, an organization based on showcasing artists, producers, engineers, and anyone associated with the FAMU music program. He believes that there are so many opportunities at FAMU and students should take advantage of them while in school before their school career is over. 

Mighty’s debut album “222” is another step toward him making his mark in the music industry. “222” can be found on all streaming services; the deluxe version of “222” will also be available in 2020. 

With Mighty’s graduation approaching in 2020, he knows that FAMU has set him up to be a success. He plans to move back to South Florida and open a music studio, build his catalog of music, work with talented artists, and do what he does best: make incredible music. Mighty lives by this quote and he believes that it has gotten him to this point in his career — “If good enough is not acceptable, we would not be here.”