Sister Circle brings HERstory to life

Ralissa Andrews ,Tiana Smithi, Markeisa Graham at the Sistuhs HERstory event. Photo by Tychae Grays

FAMU’s chapter of Sister Circle had its HERstory event Tuesday during its annual Fall Week. 

The members teamed up with the poetry organization Voices to showcase both organization’s members’ talents. The event was held in the Rattlers Den.

Sistuhs is an organization dedicated to providing community service and to uplifting women within the African American community. The attendees were able to bond and network over poetry, karaoke and some people performed original songs.

“This won’t be the last event like this, we will have more events throughout the week and another HERstory event in the spring,” Serena Demills, a fourth-year business administration student and the president of Sistuhs, said.

Participants enjoyed the event because it gave them a chance to be more outgoing and to step out of their shells. Shayla Rosier, a third-year biology pre-med major and a member of Sistuhs, raved about how this event helped her seem more extroverted. Rosier did a karaoke rendition of Fantasia’s song “When I See You,” danced to that song and other songs as well.

“If people see me at school they would think I am really quiet and when people see me doing the performance they were able to see me being more extroverted,” said Rosier. “This event gives people a chance to see us in a different light of us being loose and seeing us outside of school in a different setting and being able to get to know each other.”

From the impromptu background dancers to the original songs performed, everyone was able to experience a meaningful event.  Other members of the organization said they are excited about the next event and others like HERstory.

Markeisa Graham, a third-year computer science major, attended the event and thought it was a huge success. She was able to watch all of the performances and was intrigued by it all.

“My favorite part of the event was when my friend Charity [a member of Sistuhs and one of the performers] sang Lauryn Hill’s song ‘Killing Me Softly’,’” Graham said, “I didn’t know she could sing so I like that this event was able to showcase everyone’s hidden talents.”

The organization will be having a variety of events for the entire week to celebrate its Fall Week. There are several chances for everyone to get involved in all of these events. For more information go to the Instagram page @famu_sistuhs.