Five tips to keep the momentum for the second half of the semester

DeQuonya Thomas studying for her test. Photo was submitted by Deanna Mcclary.

It’s the last half of the semester and you find yourself getting off track.

Here’s some tips to keep up that momentum through the end.

Tip one: Plan and Organize

“Your intentions won’t keep the momentum going, but your planning will. When you don’t plan or organize, that leads to procrastination, which will lead you down the wrong path,” said Florida A&M University professor, Tamara Moore.

Moore gives advice based on past experiences to her students.

Tip two: Make time to exercise

Take time out of your day to go to FAMU’s Student Recreation Center. There are a variety of resources that you could use to release some stress after a long day of class or studying.

Exercising can help relieve stress and depression, which most college students tend to experience.

Tip three: Take a break

“As college students, we have so much going on from classes to organizations that we tend to overwork ourselves. We don’t stop to think that we need to take a break or to get rest because there are so many deadlines in college,” said Kianna Bonner, a senior criminal justice major.

“If we become more aware of the need to rest or take a break, that will release some stress and build more momentum to finish off the semester strong.”

Health comes first and as busy as we are as college students, we still need to manage self-care.

Tip four: Get a change of scenery

Taylor Field, a senior psychology major believes a change of scenery can give off different energy.

“When you’re doing homework assignments or studying, go to a coffee shop, library or even a park to be in a different atmosphere and to get away from school for awhile. You will feel relaxed and little weight burdens off your shoulders,” said Field.

Tip five: Picture the end goal

It’s difficult to maintain the momentum of the overload of coursework and studying, but it will all pay off in the end.

Remember when you ever feel like giving up to always think of how far you’ve come and what goals you set for yourself that will benefit you in the end.

Every little thing that’s overwhelming you now are only steps to getting you to your end goal.