FAMU football attendance in question

QB Ryan Stanley handing the ball off to RB Terrell Jennings against Delaware State. Photo Courtesy of FAMU Athletics.

Saturday’s game against Delaware State was the lowest attendance this year with just over seven thousand fans in Bragg Memorial Stadium. Many fans usually do not attend games with factors such as weather, but for some, It may just come to the fact it was a predictable outcome. 

Scott Cetoute a student at FAMU expressed why he did not want to see the Rattlers go against the one win Hornet’s entering Saturday’s game.

“I didn’t attend the game because it was predictable. I knew we (FAMU) was going to pull out the win, I stayed home and watched the Florida and Georgia, that game was more anticipated to watch.”

Not only was the game against Florida and Georgia going on, but also Florida State was playing The University of Miami in Tallahassee at 3:30 P.M. 

Usually, fan’s participation dwindles after the homecoming game due to the lack of excitement surrounding the remaining games. 

“Historically ticket sales are always lower after the homecoming game,” says Elmer Fuller III a ticket manager at the box office. “That’s just a historic fact of whether constituents do care about football after homecoming or not I can’t speak on that.” 

Not only does the quality of the opponent play as a factor for the number of people who attend games but other things such as weather can be a role as well.

Carlos Becker playing against Boise State.
Photo courtesy 247 Sports

“I partly believe that it was due to the opponent we were playing there were only (1-7), partly because of the weather it was a very chilly day and partly because of the other events going on in town,” said Fuller.  “UM and Florida State took precedent more than likely over FAMU against Delaware State, so there are many factors that could have played into why the ticket sales were low, but I can’t verify that it’s just my speculation.”

Members of athletics also are not surprised by the attendance at last Saturday’s game with FAMU being next to Doak Campbell Stadium and only two hours away from Jacksonville where the Florida and Georgia game was being held.

“Within about a 3-mile radius of here, you have Florida State and Miami which is literally right up the road from us.” “And then down 2 hours down the road is Florida and Georgia in the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party,” said FAMU Sports Information Director Brian Howard.

The next home game will be on November 16, 2019, against Howard (1-8,1-4). Even though the Bison have only one win on the season, hopefully with this game being the last home game of the year it will give Rattler fans a reason to fill the stadium.