Club sports galore at the rec center

Photo by Isis Climes

Florida A&M University’s Recreational Center opens its doors to students who want to take part in intramural sports and sports clubs.

Fall’s intramural sports teams include flag football, indoor volleyball, indoor kickball, indoor soccer and table tennis. Aquatics, boxing, soccer, tennis, and ultimate frisbee are just a few sports clubs the Hansel E. Tookes Rec Center has to offer this semester.

Wayne Pye, coordinator of intramural sports, made sure to stop by each residential hall to spread the word about joining intramural sports teams.

“This year we visited all the residential halls with flyers and sign-up sheets as well. Taking sign-up sheets to the residential halls works better for students that do not visit the recreation center as much as others,” said Pye.

The activities are not limited to students, but are offered to staff and faculty members as well.

Although the rec center accommodates intramural teams and sports clubs with spare equipment and fields to practice on, when it comes to budgeting, the teams have to  cover their own expenses.

“Club sports and intramural teams are to raise funds by having fundraising activities to cover their own expenses. There may be times when the department will pay registration fees for traveling intramural sports to attend regional tournaments,” said Pye.

Senior journalism major James Thomas serves as president over the boxing sports club and co-trainer for the team with Willie Ferrell.

“The rec center provides us with some of the equipment needed to box. Once you join the club, you have to buy your own hand wraps, gloves and boxing shoes,” said Thomas.

Although intramural teams and sports clubs are self-accommodated, the rec center sometimes sponsors their tournaments.

“Sport clubs such as our wrestling club team have sponsored tournaments at least once a year in our facility and they also travel to other events throughout the year.  Our lacrosse team won the HBCU lacrosse tournament last year at Morehouse College,” said Pye.

First year psychology major Jay Showers visits the rec center every day and has shown interest in joining an intramural sports team.

“I was interested in volleyball, I plan on trying out next year,” said Showers.

In addition to hosting intramural sports teams and sports clubs, the rec center also provides an interactive program called “Outdoor Adventures.”

This semester, Outdoor Adventures had scheduled trips for the Florida Caverns, Pumpkin Festival and Mule Day. The next available event is Horseback Riding at Crazy 8 Ranch on Nov. 9.

For those interested in participating in these selective activities, you must contact the rec’s administrative assistant Tammye Jordan.

Spring’s sports calendar has already been set with future dates.

The rec center is open Monday through Friday’s from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is  closed on weekends.