Netflix vs. Hulu: Buyer beware

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We all have hobbies to keep ourselves entertained when we have some free time. One hobby most students indulge in is streaming services – particularly Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix, founded in 1997, started as a DVD-by-mail service with no late fees. It offers an enormous collection of TV shows, movies and original programming. Netflix’s subscription price goes from $8.99 a month for standard definition to $12.99 a month for high-definition for two streams.

Hulu is an alternative streaming service that was founded 10 years after Netflix’s debut. It is less expensive but viewers have to sit through commercials while on Hulu, unless you opt for the premium subscription.

Netflix has a great recommendation system, which helps gather suggestions for an individual based on the kind of content that he or she may frequently watch.

Some titles tend to come and go frequently on Netflix. The reason why may actually have to do with low ratings and bad viewer ratings, which may cause content editors to remove a movie or a series from the streaming service and add more popular titles to their catalog.

Even though Netflix does add brand-new content to its streaming service on a regular basis, the releases are very limited.

Netflix even allows viewers to create as many as five different profiles on one account so that their favorite recommendations don’t get mixed up with other profiles.

When it comes to terms of selection, quality and consistent performance, Netflix may be second to none among today’s streaming services. According to, Netflix has 158 million subscribers worldwide while spending billions on original shows and movies.

According to, Hulu is only available in the United Status and currently has 28 million subscribers. Before 2016, Hulu was free with limited shows and ads. It has since made changes by adding a flat price of $5.99 per month. That price goes up to $11.99 per month if someone subscribes to a commercial-free plan.

Hulu also provides original programming but it’s the best streaming service for network TV. When it comes to current TV shows, Hulu has a wide selection to choose from.

For people who don’t feel the need to spend money on a cable subscription but want to keep up with the latest TV shows, Hulu is the best solution for them.

Hulu provides access to the majority of network shows and shows on cable the day after they air in some instances. Hulu also lets subscribers gain access to current seasons or all the seasons for a particular show.

Subscribers who are invested in watching anime would probably love Hulu, because it has a large amount of anime series. Hulu is a must for subscribers who love to watch shows from networks such as NBC, ABC, & Fox.