J-school implements new advising system

Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication re-implemented group advising for spring 2020, and in order to remove the hold from iRattler, students had to attend one of the seminars being offered.

Students were instructed to scan a QR code placed around various locations in J-school to register to attend one of the sessions held within the last two weeks.

Denee Glenn, SJGC’s academic program coordinator, explained, “Once I came over here and realized there were so many students being put into their classes, and then there were issues with ‘Okay I didn’t want that class,’ ‘I didn’t know I was enrolled in that class.’ I said, ‘OK, let’s make sure that all the students know how to use the advisement report so that everyone understands the access and information that they have, the power that they have at their fingertips.”

In the new and improved academic advisement seminar students were given a detailed tour of iRattler to enforce student accountability and give them more control over their academic future. Students were also able to get any questions answered. 

“I think the new method for advisement is very beneficial, especially for new students who still have to learn how to navigate iRattler. It may even prevent them from experiencing some of the frustrations older students have had,” said Famuan Editor-in-Chief Ciara Mims.

Now students do not need to rely on memory when registering for classes, using the academic requirements tool, found in the student center page, students can see where they currently stand in the progression toward their degree, and know for certain what they have already taken and need to take.

Regina Queen, new academic adviser to last names starting with A-J, encourages students to “Familiarize themselves with their account. Just like you know the status of your bank account, you should know what’s going on with your iRattler, because anything can change.”

As credit is applied, the requirements boxes collapse, eventually dwindling to nothing, indicating that that student is eligible to apply for graduation. 

In an email sent to J-school students for those who missed their designated seminar, “Your advisement hold will not be removed until you attend an advisement seminar. Please know that this format is an effort to reduce your wait times and, moreover, empower you.”

Students can still attend a mandatory “walk-in” session with the adviser this week in Room 3052 at the times outlined in the email.