Movie theaters are timeless

Current showings at AMC Tallahassee
Photo by Shadell Bromell

Although on-demand is popular and seamlessly accessible, movie lovers still prefer to view films on the big screen.

Surround sound, sweet deals and popcorn with the movie theater butter are all exclusive perks for theater goers. These bonuses continue to keep box offices booming with ticket sales. On the other hand, we live in an on-demand society allowing us easier access to movies through online streaming services.

Within this year, movie box offices are down 28 percent, according to CBS News. In response, theater chains have developed irresistible deals to ensure film lovers continue their theater outings.

“I don’t think I would go to the movie theater if I wasn’t an AMC Stubs member,”  Ervin Johnson, a Florida A&M University graduate from Miami, said. “I would stay home and utilize the streaming services.”

Johnson says it’s convenient to have online streaming services. He believes the services allow him to get his money’s worth. The movie lover pays $10 a month to watch unlimited movies, which he prefers to spending $15 on one movie on the big screen. Although it is a better deal for him, Johnson admits online streaming could never beat the experience of a movie theater outing. As a child, his family would make weekly outings to the theaters. It allowed him to bond with his family and establish a fun tradition. Being an AMC Stub member allows Johnson to get the experience he did as a child for just $5 a week and other unbeatable deals.

“Streaming services miss the socialization aspect [of the theaters],” he said.

Film lovers don’t always have to choose sides. Both the big screen and small screen play the same picture. However, the showing isn’t compatible.

“Movie theaters you see a movie right away,” said Emmanuel Rodriguez, a comedy movie lover from Los Angeles. “Netflix wouldn’t have a show until the whole season is finished [on live TV].”

Streaming services like Netflix on average can take 2-6 months to allow access to a new movie once it is released in theaters. Rodriguez enjoys the movies because they allow him to be one of the first viewers to watch a movie. He travels for work so he takes advantage of watching movies on the big screen. He is also is a member of every online streaming service to catch up on his shows. Nevertheless, Rodriguez does appreciate the amenities of theaters such as touch-screen services and the food.

“I have noticed that if I see a movie in the theater and then at home, I don’t get that same experience,” he said.