International students mingle with U.S. students at monthly event

Paula Gomez took top honors for her costume at Thursday’s event.
Photo by Devon Watson

The Office of International Education and Development hosted its monthly Sip and Discover event on Thursday. During this event students have an opportunity to chat with international students while eating and drinking coffee.

International students are not U.S citizens and they do not live in the U.S. They are given a temporary visa to study at any higher education institution in the U.S, known as an F-1 Visa. To study in the U.S. one must present official documents to the U.S. embassy. The student attempting to apply must show approval from the desired school as well sufficient financial support for living. 

F-1 students are allowed to work off campus for only 12 months while in school. After graduation students are allowed to work 60 days in their career field before returning home.

The visa is for temporary U.S. access to take the new education received back to their country.

The spouse or minor under the age of 21 of an F-1 holder can transition with them using what is known as an F-2 Visa.

Sip and Discover day went a little different Thursday. Although not mandatory, participants showed up in costumes because it was Halloween.

National student exchange coordinator Cedrita Demus thought it would be a good idea for students to dress up during the meeting for a friendly competition of best costume.

“This is a way for everyone coming out to have fun during discussions tonight,” said Demus. “We also have candy and for food at the table for everyone even if you are just stopping by.”

Victoria Moore, national student exchange coordinator, wanted the top three candidates for best costume to receive prizes for their apparel. 

“This is not just the food or costumes we do this every month because we want domestic students to engage in conversations with international students to learn different cultures,” Moore said.

Everyone that came dressed for the competition got to wear a name tag so that people could write their name down on paper instead of asking their name when it was time to vote.

Everyone In attendance who didn’t dress up had to vote on best costume.

Paula Gomez got first place with best dressed followed by Victoria Moore and Cedrita Demus.

“I really wanted to vote for the little boy that came dressed up with his mom but Paula’s outfit was killer,” said Thomas Limp.


National student exchange coordinators always have events planned. You can follow their Instagram handle at famu_oied.