Review: At Hangar 38, food not to die for

Photo by Jamal Sharp

Ever wonder if entertainment establishments could have great food and games?  I gave Hangar 38 a try.

Hangar 38, located on Thomasville Road in Northeast Tallahassee, is an entertainment center that combines bowling, arcade games and a restaurant. It was founded by three men who felt the need for a family entertainment spot in town.  The bowling is $30 an hour with up to eight people to a lane; if you spend less than an hour, the cost will be prorated.  Bowling shoes are $4.  The arcade ranges in price depending on if you get credits or play time.  There are also birthday packages, family packages, and deals if you decide to bowl or eat with the arcade.

The restaurant section is called Zeppelin.  Hangar 38 is aviation inspired.

The menu consists of a variety of: pizzas, wings, hand helds, wings, burgers, entrees, salads, sushi and appetizers. There is also a kids menu, and some desserts. Pasta, fish, ribs, and chicken make up the entrees.  The alcoholic beverages menu is creative, all referencing names regarding aviation, such as a drink by the name of, “Tuskegee Airmen,” a chocolate martini, or “Black Hawk Down,” a whiskey with other ingredients to create a blackberry taste.

Although the buffalo spinach dip appetizer was decent, a bit above average; there are two words to describe the food at Zeppelin:   unfavorable and unflavorable.  A waitress noted that there was a change to the menu this past weekend so that may be the cause of this problem.  The New Orleans pasta and Italian parma rosa had potential, but little flavor or taste. Boring may be the appropriate word to describe these dishes.  The SR-71 Blackbird, a Southern fried chicken sandwich, was more of the same. The entrees were appealingly presented, but the food did not come close to expectations.

The staff is awesome, polite, and helpful; they greet you when you walk in the door and seat you quickly.  The wait staff is personable and lively. They are assigned quickly and take your drink order almost as soon as you’re seated.  Appetizers come exceptionally quick as well, with the main course following right behind.  The restaurant was not busy, but I have no question the service is phenomenal whether it’s empty or packed.  Excellent customer service.

The food is priced regularly, not too high, but it could maybe be a more expensive night if you’re a college student looking to save money on meals.  The atmosphere and vibe of Hangar 38 is chill and family oriented.


I would recommend bowling or playing the arcade games before trying the food.